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A directory resource that will allow you to create new resources through the HTTP PUT method. When this resource is looked up, it uses the normal DirectoryResource alogorithm to find the appropriate resource. If this fails, it goes to the resource indexer, and asks it to create a resource having the given name. If this succeeds, the newly created resource is attached as a child of the directory resource, and the PUT method is delegated to it.

Notice that the indexer should be configured to create a resource that handles the PUT method, otherwise, the resource will be effectively created, but it will fail to save the put'ed content (the FileResource, for example, should have its putable attribute turned to true).


The PutableDirectory class inherits from the following classes:

Attributes description

The PutableDirectory defines the following attributes:

Should this directory handle the GNN BROWSE method ? When trun to true the putable directory will reply appropriately to the GNN BROWSE method (which allows it to get the directory content).
This attribute is a editable BooleanAttribute.
default value
This attribute defaults to false.

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