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The Resource Editor
Editing resource and frame properties

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The Resource Editor allows you to edit the resource properties and to add, remove or configure the resource frames.

This document has the following sections:

resource editor

The Frames Tree

frame tree The Frames Tree works like the Resource Tree except that double clicking on a a folder expands orcollapse the node instead of displaying the Resource Editor. When a resource is selected on the Frames Tree, the Resource Editor display its Attributes Editor.

The Resource Menu and the Popup Menu

frame menu frame popup

Those Menus have the followings items:

add something

Add a frame to the selected resource (or frame). If there is no resource selected, do nothing.

delete something

Delete the selected resource/frames. If there is no resources selected, do nothing. If you are not allowed to delete the selected resource, display an error dialog.

reference information

Popup a mini HTML browser that point to the "Resource Reference Documentation" of the selected resource/frame. If there is no selected resource, do nothing.


Close the Resource Editor.

The Attributes Editor


The Attributes Editor allows you to edit the resource/frame properties like "Indexer", "Extensible", "Negotiable"... Each attribute has its own graphical editor.

commit Commit your changes to the server. If you don't commit your changes, you will loose them.
reset Reset your changes (if not committed).

So, now you are able to configure the Jigsaw Resources.