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The Documents space
Managing the documents

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The Documents Space is the place where the documents available on your server are stored. Here you can add, delete and edit your resources

This document has the following sections:

document space

The Resource Tree

resource tree

The Resource Tree is a view of the documents stored in your server. Click one time on the node to select it. By clicking on a node you will expands the node, for example "Doc", and see the children of this resource.

expanded node

By clicking another time on collapse you will collapse the node. By double clicking on a folder you will popup a Resource Editor.

The Popup Menu

popup menu

The Popup Menu appears if some resource(s) are selected and if you click on the third button of the mouse (or Ctrl Mouse-button1 on some OS). Here is the description of the action associated to each menu item:

Reindex reindex

Reindex the selected containers. If there is no container selected, do nothing. If the resource selected is not a container, display an error dialog.

Add Resource add something

Add a resource to the selected container. Popup a dialog that allows you to enter (or select) the resource class and to enter the resource identifier. If there is no container selected, do nothing. If the resource selected is not a container, display an error dialog.

add resource

Delete Resource delete something

Delete the selected resources. If there is no resources selected, do nothing. If you are not allowed to delete the selected resource, display an error dialog.

Edit Resource edit something

Edit the selected resource, display a ResourceEditor that allows you to edit the resource properties. If there is no resource selected, do nothing.

Info reference informations

Popup a mini HTML browser that point to the "Resource Reference Documentation" of the selected resource. If there is no selected resource, do nothing.

Drag And Drop

drag and drop

Now you can add a resource by dragging its class name and dropping it on its container.

Select the resource class in the "Available Resources" window, drag it by clicking on it and moving the cursor with the mouse button still pressed, then drop it on its (new) container.

The resource has been added, you can change its name by clicking one time on its name (in the resource tree).

edit something