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Internationalization Comments on CSS3 Marquee

Version reviewed: http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/WD-css3-marquee-20080801/
Lead reviewer and date of initial review: Richard Ishida, Aug 2008
Subject lead in: [CSS Marquee]

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ID Location Subject Comment Owner Ed. /
1 8 RTL without direction

Thank you for considering RTL scripts when specifying marquees throughout the spec. Much appreciated.

What will be the situation when the css direction property is not set explicitly, but the markup indicates that the directional context is right to left, ie. in HTML?

2 General Vertical text support

We could find no mention of the expected effect when writing mode is vertical. We see this as an oversight. We assume that horizontal marquees would run vertically in this situation, and box marquees would move side to side. Please clarify this in the text.


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