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Implementation Commitments

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This page is out of date and will not be updated anymore.

1 Overview

This list contains those data categories with implementation commitments.

NOTE: this page should only be edited by the co-chairs. If you want to change this page (add / delete / modify data categories), issue a call for consensus about your change to the public mailing list, including:

  • Pointers to the existing discussions on the mailing list and related issues in tracker
  • Implementation commitment by at least two parties
  • Example code in HTML5, global and local (both if applicable), and a description how the code should be processed

If there is no disagreement after 5 business days, the co-chairs will update this page, and the editors will add slots for sections in the ITS 2.0 working draft. Note that these sections will still be removed if we don't have a 100% agreed definition and test cases for the data categories by November 2012, that is the "last call" (=feature complete) month.

The deadline for proposals to change this page is 31. Juli 2012.

2 From ITS 1.0

2.1 Reminder: what does it mean to implement ITS: conformance for ITS 1.0 / 2.0 implementations

See the conformance clause for processing ITS information.

2.2 Data categories

Note: All ITS 1.0 categories will be included, but we record implementations commitments here anyway.

  1. Directionality: UL, EN, MOR
  2. Elements within Text (See local proposal in the ITS 2.0 draft): MOR, EN
  3. Language Information: Cocomore, UL, EN, Li, DCU, MOR, TCD
  4. Localization Note: Cocomore, UL, EN, Li, MOR, TCD
  5. Ruby
  6. Terminology: UL, EN, TCD
  7. Translate: Cocomore, UL, EN, Li, DCU, MOR, TCD

3 New in ITS 2.0

3.1 HTML5 support

See the section about HTML5 support.

3.2 Parameter for rules

See ISSUE-16, the initial proposal, the latest discussion. NOTE: this is a mandatory part for each implementation with global rules. Call for consensus issued 20 July 2012

3.3 Dedicated query language attribute

See the proposal and the ACTION-150 to put this into the spec.

3.4 Data categories

NOTE: for creating a data category description, please use the word template described here http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-multilingualweb-lt/2012Jun/0133.html

NameIssuesCall for consensus (date issued and date reached)Implementation commitment (planned test dates)Spec detailsnotes
Domain ISSUE-11, ISSUE-25, ISSUE-52 Issued during Dublin f2f June 2012. Reached via closing ISSUE11. Cocomore, UL, EN, Li, DCU, TCD domain data category section, including examples. -
Disambiguation (word) / Named Entity (phrase) ISSUE-3, ISSUE-35, ISSUE-42 latest discussion 3 August 2012 IJS, TCD, UL Disambiguation data category section -
idValue ISSUE-9 Issued 4 July 2012, reached 5 July 2012 MOR, UL, EN idValue data category section, including exemples -
Locale filter ISSUE-10 (covers also BCP 47 language vs. locale discussion) Cocomore, EN, TCD locale filter section, including examples -
Provenance ISSUE-22 issued 26 July 2012 UL, Li, TCD text from requirements document -
targetPointer ISSUE-15, latest discussion, ISSUE-38, ISSUE-40 issued 17 July 2012 EN targetPointer data category section -
TextAnalysisAnnotation ISSUE-42, and see related ACTION-80 UL Tbd, see text from requirements document -
Localization Quality Issue ISSUE-34, ISSUE-42, ISSUE-43 UL, EN Quality Issue data category section, including exemples -
Localization Quality Rating ISSUE-34, ISSUE-42, ISSUE-43 UL, EN Quality Précis data category section, including exemples -
External Resource section in the requirements document, ISSUE-39 Issued 1 July 2012 , reached 5 July 2012 EN, ITSTOOL external resource data category section, including examples -
Preserve Space None issued 11 July 2012 EN Preserve Space data category section, including exemples -
Allowed Characters ISSUE-36, ISSUE-53, and see related ACTION-189 issued 11 July 2012 issued 29 July 2012, EN See allowedCharacters -
Storage size ISSUE-36, ISSUE-48, and see related ACTION-189 issued 11 July 2012 issued 29 July 2012, EN -
Parameter for Rules ISSUE-34 UL, EN parameter for rules definition in the data category section-
MT Confidence ISSUE-41, ISSUE-42 UL, EN Text proposal -

4 Use Case Demonstrations

Implementations of ITS must provide their conformance against individual feature conformance tests associated with each data category by successfully demonstrating the generation of conformant output from specified input as provided in the ITS2.0 Test Suite, the development of which is tracked under Test Suite Development.

However, because conformance testing is under taken feature by feature is is difficult to draw a good understanding of the overall utility of implementing ITS and the resulting business benefits. For this reason we also track here the development of Use Case Demonstrations. These allow several ITS data categories and their features to be combined in a demonstration of specific business-relevant functionality. These demonstrations will involve implementations that have already achieved conformance with ITS through the test suit, but which may function to produce different output formats relevant to various internationalization and localization functions. The may involve complementary ITS implementations operating in concert. the WG aims to provide a common documentation format for publicly recording these use case demonstrations and thereby publicizing the business advantages of implementing ITS and promoting the widespread uptake of the recommendation.

Initial Use Case Demonstrations are documented below: