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1 Deliverables and Milestones for the LT-Web project

The following deliverables are specific to the underlying EU project. For deliverables of the working group see the Working Group charter.

1.1 Deliverables

Public deliverables will be linked world-readable from the table below. Project internal deliverables are marked as R and will be given with a non-public link.

Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Lead bene-ficiary number Estimated indicative person-months Nature (R, P, S, O) Contractual delivery date Status
1 D1.1 Detailed Overall Management and Bodies Management, including the Quality Assurance Plan (pdf and charter) (updated version) 1 8 R M12 Submitted
2 D1.2.1 Report on Internal and External Communication Tools (pdf) 1 2 R M3 Submitted
3 D1.2.2 LT-Web - W3C Coordination Yearly Report
(M12 pdf) (M12 updated version)
(M24 version)
1 9 R M12,M24 M12 and M24 report submitted
4 D1.2.3 Contact Database (pdf) 1 2 O M6 Submitted
5 D2.1 Requirements and Use Cases Document (pdf) 2 13,2 R M8 Submitted
6 D2.2 LT-Web Metadata Draft Documents (zip) (updated version) 1 16,2 R M9 Submitted
7 D2.3 Metadata Test Suite (pdf, docx, html) (Test Suite Location) 2 14 O M21 Submitted
8 D2.4 LT-Web Metadata Standard (pdf) 1 5,5 R M21 Submitted
9 D3.1.1 Drupal Modules (pdf) 10 19 P M21 Submitted
10 D3.1.2 XLIFF Roundtripping plus XSLT for Hidden Web Formats (pdf) 9 13 P M21 Submitted
11 D3.1.3 Text Processing Component (draft, second draft, final) 8 6 P M21 Submitted
12 D3.1.4 Okapi Components for XLIFF (pdf) 7 6,3 P M21 Submitted
13 D3.1.5 Report on LT-Web Processing in the CMS (pdf) 10 2 R M21 Submitted
14 D3.2.1 Okapi Ocelot (QA Decision Support Showcase) pdf 12 16 S M21 Submitted
15 D3.2.2 B2B Integration Showcase (pdf) 11 6 S M21 Submitted
16 D3.2.3 Report on Showcases (pdf, pdf updated) 12 3 R M21 Submitted
17 D4.1.1 Lucy Modification (pdf, updated version) 13 8 O M12 Submitted
18 D4.1.2 MaTrEx Modification (pdf) 3 6,25 P M12 Submitted
19 D4.1.3 Linguaserve Online System Modification (pdf, updated version) 11 4,5 O M12 Submitted
20 D4.1.4 Report on Modifications in MT Systems (pdf), (Annex I), (Annex II) 11 2 R M12 Submitted
21 D4.2.1 Online MT System Linguaserve Showcase (pdf) 11 7 S M18 Submitted
22 D4.2.2 Report on Online MT System (pdf) 11 2 R M18 Submitted
23 D4.3 XLIFF Roundtripping Prototype based on M4Loc Work and Okapi Tools (pdf) 9 6 P M21 Submitted
24 D5.1.1 Drupal MT Training Module (pdf) 10 8 P M15 Submitted
25 D5.1.2 XLIFF Deep Web MT Training Exporter (pdf) 9 5,5 P M15 Submitted
26 D5.2 Metadata-Aware MT Training Tools (pdf) (Annex pdf) 3 4,75 P M21 Submitted
27 D6.1.1 Workshop 1 (see also workshop program page) 1 10,6 O M6 Submitted
28 D6.1.2 Summary Report 1 (pdf, see also online version) 1 7,9 R M7 Submitted
29 D6.2.1 Workshop 2 (see also workshop program page) 1 7 O M15 Submitted
32 D6.2.2 Summary Report 2 (pdf, see also online version) 1 2,4 R M17 Submitted
33 D6.3.1 LT-Web Event 1 11,1 O M22 LT-Web final outreach event done as part of META-FORUM 2013
34 D6.3.2 LT-Web Press Kit and Brochure (pdf); see also the ITS 2.0 video channel 1 2,8 O M24 Submitted
Total: 237

1.2 Deliverables from external partners

Organization Deliverable Title Estimated indicative person-months Status
Adobe ITS 2.0 support in Apache Jackrabbit CMS 6 PM Submitted
Disruptive Innovations ITS 2.0 support in BlueGriffon unknown No written deliverable available
]init[ Using ITS to transmit additional information to translators in text processing software: Developer Guide, User Guide 6,8 PM Submitted
Kosek Validation of ITS markup used in HTML5 and tools for migrating ITS content from XHTML into HTML5 4 PM Submitted
Logrus HTML 5 - ITS 2.0 implementation project: Work in Context System (WICS) 5,1 PM Submitted
Tilde Terminology use case for LT-Web metadata 15,8 PM Submitted

1.3 Milestones

No Title WP number Lead Beneficiary Delivery date Status
MS1 Exploratory Interoperability Trials WP2 2 9 Reached
MS2 First Draft of LT-Web Metadata WP2 1 12 Reached
MS3 Second Draft of LT-Web Metadata WP2 1 18 Reached
MS4 Public Demonstrators and Public Test Suite WP2 2 21 Reached
MS5 Final Paper Outputs WP2 1 24 Reached

1.4 Deliverables writing howto

Please produce your deliverable with the following approach.

  1. Create a Word document, based on the deliverables template word file. The document will be a few pages long and have the detailed information about the implementation. Detailed means: a simple description and an overview of the parts of your implemtation that implement ITS. There is no need to cover all aspects, that is also non ITS aspects of the implementation. List links to various resources and downloads. Add a link to the HTML summary page (see 2. below). Upload the PDF version of the word document to the wiki and link it from this page. NOTE: use the naming scheme for the other PDF files, e.g. D1.1.pdf. If your deliverable has several PDF files, ZIP the files and use the same naming scheme, e.g. D2.2.zip
  2. A short HTML summary. The summary needs to be valid HTML5. It should briefly list the parts related to ITS, provide download information and outline some business benefits.
  3. Put the short HTML summary on your favourite dissamination page: a blog, company home page etc., and make a social buzz about it (via twitter etc.).
  4. As the final step, provide the links to HTML summary and your social buzz to the ITS IG list public-i18n-its-ig@w3.org.

1.5 Deadlines

Not needed anymore :)