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ACTION-75 (edit) open Find some more detail about why arabic/persian numbers bidi category differs. Shervin Afshar 2018-01-30
ACTION-97 (edit) open Review section on numbers Shervin Afshar 2018-02-27
ACTION-112 (edit) open Check why arabic presentation forms (like u+fdfd) are not in cldr exemplar Shervin Afshar 2018-02-13
ACTION-114 (edit) open Reach out to unicode mailing list Shervin Afshar 2018-03-06
ACTION-116 (edit) open Send shervin examples of tests Richard Ishida 2018-06-26
ACTION-117 (edit) open Revisit the kanban, tags with question-answer approach in mind Shervin Afshar 2018-06-26
ACTION-118 (edit) open Have some tests for mid-july to review Shervin Afshar 2018-06-26

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