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ACTION-1 (edit) closed File github issues for special cases, like quran Behnam Esfahbod 2015-11-10
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Follow-up with martin about a lightning talk at the iuc Behnam Esfahbod 2015-11-10
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Prepare slides for the talk and share with the tf Behnam Esfahbod 2015-11-10
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Research the existing experts for other languages like urdu Behnam Esfahbod 2015-11-10
ACTION-5 (edit) closed And najib to populate translations in the glossary Mostafa Hajizadeh 2015-11-10
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Start the section on characters and provide some draft for everyone's feedback and contribution Mostafa Hajizadeh 2015-11-10
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Provide additional text for the section "fonts and typographical considerations" based on discussions on the mailing list and irc Najib Tounsi 2015-11-10
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Check regarding processing of the minutes and get back to the group Richard Ishida 2015-11-10
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Ensure that people are notified about github issues Richard Ishida 2015-11-10
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Add list of references to spreadsheet and assign unique identifiers Shervin Afshar 2015-11-10
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Add unique ids to the references list Shervin Afshar 2015-11-10
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Process links proposed by richard Shervin Afshar 2015-11-10
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Put together a preliminary list of existing literature Shervin Afshar 2015-11-10
ACTION-14 (edit) closed File an issue re math and whether to exclude that in the first version Behnam Esfahbod 2015-11-10
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Test the tracker actions Richard Ishida 2015-11-10
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Write an email regarding best practices for drafting and draft-related discussions Shervin Afshar 2015-11-10
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Convert mostafa and najib's emails to github issues Shervin Afshar 2015-11-10
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Check with systeam whether ellipsis can function like ... for minute taking Richard Ishida 2015-11-10
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Create a folder under 'gh-pages' branch on github repository for misc. documents Behnam Esfahbod 2015-11-10
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Set up new call information for next week Richard Ishida 2015-11-10
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Find references for arabic lang, from syria and the region Waseem Daoud 2015-11-17
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Add his references to the ref list Behnam Esfahbod 2015-11-17
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Write up a section for languages/locales in introductions chapter Behnam Esfahbod 2015-11-17
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Start drafting arrangement and joining behaviour Mostafa Hajizadeh 2015-11-17
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Update list of editors Behnam Esfahbod 2015-11-17
ACTION-26 (edit) closed File an issue to restructure our document based on his experience with tibetan script Richard Ishida 2015-11-17
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Get in touch and introduce the task force to see if they can contribute Shervin Afshar 2015-11-24
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Give waseem access to glossary draft Shervin Afshar 2015-11-24
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Pull request a new section/subsection to editors draft for arabic script behvior. Mostafa Hajizadeh 2015-12-01
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Send pull-request for topics on basic of the writing script Mostafa Hajizadeh 2015-12-01
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Look at entries from azzedine and move the relevant translations to main sheet Najib Tounsi 2015-12-08
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Look at entries from azzedine and move the relevant translations to main sheet Khaled Hosny Ghetas 2015-12-08
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Look at the ala transliteration scheme for persian. Mostafa Hajizadeh 2015-12-08
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Look at the ala transliteration scheme for persian. Shervin Afshar 2015-12-08
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Change the code to generate exemplar charts to have multiple tables and cover cldr root Mostafa Hajizadeh 2015-12-08
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Start the draft regarding numbers in use with arabic Najib Tounsi 2015-12-08
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Write github pull request instruction Shervin Afshar 2015-12-15
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Lead the discussion on having transliteration/pronunciation columns in the glossary Najib Tounsi 2015-12-15
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Add issue boxes to draft sections Richard Ishida 2015-12-22
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Work on a draft for 2.2. direction Shervin Afshar 2015-12-22
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Review the github intro guide Behnam Esfahbod 2016-01-19
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Send github information to najib Richard Ishida 2016-01-19
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Move task force home page to github Richard Ishida 2016-01-19
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Write a paragraph to reference to the arabic script chapter of the unicode standard Behnam Esfahbod 2016-01-19
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Follow-up on Glossary for the Draft Najib Tounsi 2016-06-02
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Draft a section on numerals for arabic script overview Waseem Daoud 2016-02-02
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Work with richard on the persian transliteration column in glossary Behnam Esfahbod 2016-02-02
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Look into adding bidi marks to the chart (from icu4j or cldr) Shervin Afshar 2016-02-09
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Validate the un transliteration scheme for issues Shervin Afshar 2016-02-09
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Take a look at integration of cldr data into chart-generating code Mostafa Hajizadeh 2016-02-09
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Find out what restrictions apply if we use images in our document from other sources Richard Ishida 2016-05-10
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Edit a section based on "deprecated arabic presentation forms considered helpful" on the wiki Behnam Esfahbod 2016-05-10
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Draft section paragraph adjustment and alignment Behnam Esfahbod 2016-05-10
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Generate a draft for direction and bidi algo based on gh issue 28 Mostafa Hajizadeh 2016-05-24
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Revisit the topic keywords and questions from richard throughout the doc and add descriptions and short text Shervin Afshar 2018-02-13
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Check to see if pr#48 from najib is mergable as is Shervin Afshar 2016-06-07
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Provide the sources for images of pr#48 Najib Tounsi 2016-06-07
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Check the html validation of the current draft Shervin Afshar 2016-06-07
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Update the glossary with changes introduced in june 21st by najib Shervin Afshar 2016-06-28
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Update the script to accomodate the text direction in the cell level and send a pr for the script Najib Tounsi 2016-07-12
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Try out indesign and document its justification behaviour for arabic Shervin Afshar 2016-08-02
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Provide sources and urls for the images Najib Tounsi 2016-09-13
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Replace note divs with issue divs for the editorial text in the docs Shervin Afshar 2016-09-20
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Expand the topic keywords into section headings Richard Ishida 2016-09-20
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Add a small sentence to nastaliq section to cover shekasteh nastaliq as subset and successor of nastaliq Najib Tounsi 2016-09-27
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Update the image source information for the calligraphic styles as discussed Najib Tounsi 2016-09-27
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Resubmit pr 74 with the changes discussed Najib Tounsi 2016-10-11
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Find other fonts which might show the inclined baseline Najib Tounsi 2016-10-18
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Add text to the document from github issues 3 and 4 Mostafa Hajizadeh 2016-10-18
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Provide some historical examples for underline Shervin Afshar 2016-11-29
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Provide names of fonts at Najib Tounsi 2016-11-29
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Test other fonts for the underline Shervin Afshar 2016-11-29
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Test more fonts for underline behaviour Mostafa Hajizadeh 2016-12-06
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Add some comments to github issue 59 about fractions Najib Tounsi 2016-12-13
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Investigate unerline/overline usage in movabletype Behnam Esfahbod 2016-12-20
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Collect evidence of underline from old magazines Mostafa Hajizadeh 2016-12-20
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Change the table generation script to include number symbols part of cldr data Mostafa Hajizadeh 2017-01-03
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Produce some text regarding usage of zwnj and zwj Behnam Esfahbod 2017-01-03
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Collect more examples for justification rules and patterns Najib Tounsi 2017-01-24
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Collect more examples for justification rules and patterns Behnam Esfahbod 2017-01-24
ACTION-83 (edit) closed File a bug with chrome regarding impl of css counter styles 3 spec Ebrahim Byagowi 2017-02-07
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Summarize discussion on underline/overline behavior Behnam Esfahbod 2017-02-14
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Set up a github project for drafting pipeline Behnam Esfahbod 2017-02-21
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Convert glossary to html format Shervin Afshar 2017-02-28
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Review characters table for ar language Najib Tounsi 2017-03-14
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Reach out to uighur experts regarding figure 9 of vertical text article Richard Ishida 2017-03-21
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Produce a draft for the vertical text section Najib Tounsi 2017-03-21
ACTION-90 (edit) closed File a github issue with review of the characters table Najib Tounsi 2017-04-04
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Update pull request 114 with simpler definitions Najib Tounsi 2017-05-09
ACTION-92 (edit) closed File an issue for section on word and grapheme boundaries Behnam Esfahbod 2017-05-09
ACTION-93 (edit) closed File a future issues for tracking text editing/deletion/insertion ux Behnam Esfahbod 2017-05-09
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Submit a pr to the main document based on the wiki page for arabic numerals Najib Tounsi 2017-06-06
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Read Richard Ishida 2017-06-13
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Create a github issue regarding table a.5 issues Behnam Esfahbod 2017-06-20
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Add to glossary terms and definitions from #132 Behnam Esfahbod 2017-07-25
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Add to glossary terms and definitions from #132 Behnam Esfahbod 2017-07-25
ACTION-100 (edit) closed File issues for untracked matters from text layout issue tracker ( Behnam Esfahbod 2017-08-15
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Author gap analysis draft Shervin Afshar 2018-01-23
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Provide the partially completed template to shervin Richard Ishida 2017-09-05
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Do some cleanup for using dfn tags for terminology Behnam Esfahbod 2017-09-05
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Fix tidy script for bdi tags Behnam Esfahbod 2017-10-03
ACTION-105 (edit) closed File a discussion issue for proposed utr #53 Behnam Esfahbod 2017-10-03
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Propose publishing the first tr in the public space Behnam Esfahbod 2017-12-12
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Transfer tf charter to github Richard Ishida 2017-12-12
ACTION-108 (edit) closed File issues for face/interface topics Behnam Esfahbod 2017-12-12
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Before FPWD, fix missing images for figures 9-13 Behnam Esfahbod 2018-01-23
ACTION-110 (edit) closed On first meeting of 2018, start the discussion about milestones, meeting frequency, and topic/drafting planning. Shervin Afshar 2017-12-19
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Prepare document fpwd Richard Ishida 2018-01-30
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Specify which sections are being penned now Shervin Afshar 2018-03-06
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Figure out how people could get access to the tests Richard Ishida 2018-03-06

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