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Test coverage for SVG Tiny 1.2 Appendix H: JPEG Support



 - is a comment or note
  is an assertion or feature that is fully covered in the test suite
 # is an assertion or feature that is partially or not covered in the test suite

H.1 jpeg-intro

- No testable statements that are not already tested by tests for the image element. JPEG in a JFIF file is tested. JPEG in other file formats (eg JPEG compressed TIFF, PICT, etc) is not required but is allowed so can't be tested for.

H.2 jpeg-required

- The following coding processes defined by the JPEG specification [JPEG], in Table 1, section 4.11, must be supported:

# Baseline process
 - test a baseline and a baseline optimised JPEG.
 - test assorted subsampling schemes (4:1:1, 4:4:4 etc)

# Extended DCT-based processes (with the exception of arithmetic coding).
 - test progressive JPEG. Do not test hierarchical or lossless.

# 8-bit samples must be supported. 12-bit samples may be supported, (Section 4.7 [JPEG]).
 - Previous tests cover the 8-bit case.
 - Test a 12-bit file (side by side 8 and 12 bit versions of the same graphic), but as an informative test. Pass if the 8bit version is shown. If 12bit is also shown, great.

- SVG Tiny 1.2 UA's should convert Y,Cb,Cr values compressed in the JPEG image to RGB as defined in the JFIF specification [JFIF] and may assume that the RGB values are sRGB.
 - not actually testable in Tiny 1.2 since color management is not required. Larger profiles that build on Tiny can test this.