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Test coverage for SVG Tiny 1.2 Appendix D: Conformance Criteria



 - is a comment or note
  is an assertion or feature that is fully covered in the test suite
 # is an assertion or feature that is partially or not covered in the test suite

D.5.1 Conforming SVG Interpreters

# "In a Conforming SVG Interpreter, the XML parser must be able to parse and process all XML constructs defined within [XML11] and [XML-NS]."
 - Test could be some arbitrary xml (perhaps reuse some existing xml testsuite?), which must work in order for the user agent to claim being a conforming SVG interpreter.

# "A Conforming SVG Interpreter must be able to parse and process a conforming SVG Tiny 1.1 document fragment [SVGM11]."
 - Maybe add the 1.1 tiny testcases as-is to the 1.2 testsuite, or somehow link them in.

# "A Conforming SVG Interpreter must conform to all applicable 'I' conformance criteria in Character Model for the World Wide Web 1.0: Fundamentals [CHARMOD]."

 - Each of the "I" conformance critera listed in CHARMOD should be tested.

# "A Conforming SVG Interpreter must parse any SVG document correctly. It is not required to interpret the semantics of all features correctly."
 - Test that with some 1.1 full or 1.2 full or random markup, and verify that it shows up in the DOM.