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Test Coverage for SVG Tiny 1.2 Chapter 6: Styling



 - is a comment or note
  is an assertion or feature that is fully covered in the test suite
 # is an assertion or feature that is partially or not covered in the test suite

6.1 SVG's styling properties

- "The following properties are shared between CSS2 and SVG. Apart from display, these properties are also defined in XSL:" The text chapter says the normative definition is in XSL for the font props.

6.2 Usage scenarios for styling

# Make simple XSLT testcase.
 - This would be more of an example, not a conformance test.

# Make simple CSS testcase.
 - This would be more of an example, not a conformance test.

6.3 Specifying properties using the presentation attributes

# "Note: An !important declaration within a presentation attribute definition is unsupported and causes that attribute to have an unsupported value."
 - "Note: Animation of presentation attributes and animation of properties are related, see the attributeType attribute definition for more information." I could make a test that would look different in 1.1F vs 1.2T because 1.1F requires CSS, to illustrate that there might be consequences for choosing attributeType="auto" or "CSS".

6.4 Styling with XSL

- No testable assertions, but could make simple example.

6.5 Case sensitivity of property names and values

# "When using a presentation attribute to specify a value for the 'fill' property, the presentation attribute must be specified as 'fill' and not 'FILL' or 'Fill'."

# "Keyword values, such as "italic" in font-style="italic", are also case-sensitive and must be specified using the exact case used in the specification which defines the given keyword. For example, the keyword "sRGB" must have lowercase "s" and uppercase "RGB"."

6.7 Property inheritance and computation

# "Inheritable properties inherit the computed value, and not the specified value."
 - Go through and test each presentation attribute to see this is true.