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Test Coverage for SVG Tiny 1.2 Chapter 4: Basic Data Types



 - is a comment or note
  is an assertion or feature that is fully covered in the test suite
 # is an assertion or feature that is partially or not covered in the test suite

4.1 Basic Data Types

# "All of the syntax alternatives for <color> defined in Syntax for color values must be supported."
 - Not all of the color syntax appears to be checked

 Need tests for silver, gray, fuchsia, olive, teal, and rgb(R%,G%,B%), my thought is to replicate the table in 11.13.2, only with 3 patches for each colour -- #rrggbb (for reference), rgb(R%, G%, B%) and the name.

# <int> Need test for -32768 and 32767, though i'm not sure how to test

 <length> Createdtest for optional units mm, cm, in, pt, or pc on width/height see:
 - See coverage section 7.11 in [2]
 - Test is coords-units-201-t.svg as it seemed better there than in data types.