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Second Edition (editors draft)

Remaining work for SVG1.1F2

This details the remaining work on SVG 1.1 Second Edition.

Last call comment open actions and issues

SVG 1.1F2 tracker

Disposition of Comments

Allocation Table
Issue Action(s) Comments
ISSUE-2364 ACTION-2834 on DS
SVG 1.1 may be ambiguous about the root element acting as a proximal event target
Commenter mailed, no response yet. Spec change done.

Testsuite issues

Test Suite Status

Tests with fewer than two passing implementations

  • fonts-desc-04-t.svg
    • CM: Incorrect handling of font-size:italic/oblique is what is stopping us from getting two passes here. (That, and the need for a WOFF font for Firefox.) We could separate out the oblique test into a draft and get passes here, I believe.
    • Abbra passes now (22/2/11).
    • Opera passes the top two lines, I'd suggest splitting the test.
  • fonts-desc-05-t.svg
    • Abbra passes now (22/2/11).
  • text-dom-04-f.svg
    • CM: This tests getSubStringLength on text in an SVG Font, including with tricky non-plane-0 characters. It's possible this would pass with a WOFF font in Firefox, not sure. (I also don't know if any of the trickier cases could be split out to get passes.)
    • ED: ACTION-2957
  • text-dom-05-f.svg
    • CM: Ditto.

Test Suite