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NOTE: As of 01/02/2012, this page is out dated, all issues have been integrated to https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/ (see email from Dirk Schulze)

Below is the list TODO items form the FX 2D Transforms specification


  • Add optional translation arguments for scale i.e. [Sxy] | [Sx Sy] | [Sxy Tx Ty] | [Sx Sy Tx Ty]
  • Add "How to read" section to say whether this, or the CSS 2D transforms spec is the canonical reference for CSS Transforms. The role of the two specs is not really clear [SMFR_1]
  • Address the case when inline elements are broken into multiple boxes due to either bidi or line-breaking, if transforms apply to bounding box of the inline. Mark application of transforms to inlines as "at-risk" [CSSWG_1]
  • Address how transform-origin is applied to elements
    • (1) effects the transform list of an element OR (2) effects specific all roate and scale individually in the transform list.
    • e.g. T rotate(...) translate(...) scale(...) T' OR T rotate(...) T' translate(...) T scale(...) T'
  • Fix syntax in SVG examples to match actual output result
  • Add that the SVG transform attribute is a presentation property, thus removing the need to keep same behavior as in other presentation properties in SVG [ACTION-2891]
    • Put wording in to say unlike previous versions of SVG it is now a presentation attribute
    • Address if CSS transform property overrides the SVG transform property or alternatively the CSS transform property can add to the SVG attribute
    • Perhaps have a single presentation property between CSS and SVG
  • Address if the properties are independent of transform attribute used in SVG (1.1, 1.2) [DOH_1]
  • Address if the transform properties are available as presentation attributes [DOH_1]
  • Address how to determine the difference between original SVG attribute and new presentation attribute (example) [DOH_1]
  • Address fix issue regarding values that can be supplied to transfomation functions. Define that units required for elements using CSS Box Model and SVG elements that specify unitless values are considered pixel sizes in the user space [DOH_1]
  • Address if 'transform-origin' property has any influence on appearence of old SVG transform attribute [DOH_1]
  • Address if units for values should be preserved in the DOM



  • Define DOM Interfaces in SVG [FX_1]


  • XF Typo (fixed) [DB]


  • Added wording to limit the first paragraph in the Content Flow section to CSS only [ED_1].
  • Changed occurrences of "For CSS..." to "For elements in the CSS box model..." [ED_1].
  • Changed initial value of 'transform-origin' to "auto". Defined auto for CSS and SVG [ACTION-10, ACTION-17]
  • Added wording to define how 'transform-origin'is applied to objects with no bounding box [DOH_1]
  • Changed the link to unmatrix.c at http://tog.acm.org/GraphicsGems/gemsii/unmatrix.c. Added informal reference [SMFR_1, CL_1].
  • Added value of "none" to transform functions. Changed initial value of transform from "identity" to "none" [SMFR_1].
  • Added wording to address backwards incompatibilities (rotate, origin on which transform is applied). Dr Hoffmann to review (if he has time) [DOH_1].
  • Removed content in "recomposing the matrix" section and replaced with content from current CSS working draft. As it references 3D transform functions that are not available in this draft [SMFR_1.


  • Added "identity" transform function as suggested by Dino
  • Reworded the Transform Lists and Nested Transformations section
  • Added wordking to make it clear that transforms accumulate over the language boundaries as suggested by Dino
  • Added code examples for Transform Lists and Nested Transformations section
  • Added the transform animation and matrix decomposition sections from the CSS specification as suggested by Dino but made minor tweaks


  • Added basic transform examples
  • Changed 'transform' property value and intial from 'none' to 'identity' [FX Minutes 2010/03/11]
  • Changed "element's box" to "element's bounding box" as suggested by Dr Hoffmann's
  • Removed skew
  • Added Content Flow section to include wording as suggested by Dino's
  • Changed the occurrences of 'effect' and 'attribute' relating to a transform name to 'property'