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This page provides information about the SVG Working Group face-to-face meeting in September 2012.

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Meeting information

Andreas Neumann wrote:

I reserved something now for Sept. 17 to 19. It is more expensive, though. See http://hotelrigikaltbad.ch/hotel_e.php

It costs 248 CHF per person and day in a single room or 228 in a double room. It includes:

  • the hotel room per night
  • the meeting room (60 sqm)
  • video projector
  • mineral water (the whole day)
  • breakfast
  • coffee break in the morning
  • lunch (3 courses)
  • dinner (4 courses)
  • entry in the hotel spa - which was just opened this year and is

supposed to be very nice

  • Wireless
  • a good view of Lake lucerne and the alps ;-)
  • the village is car-free. Only access is by cog-wheel train or cablecar.

Since this is more expensive than my original proposal I will promise to subsidize the meeting with left-over money from the conference (which I hope we will have).

What is the normal amount that people have available per day for such a meeting? US$ 150?

The other question is: what will be the topics of the meeting? Are there mapping-related discussions? Would I be able to join?

I hope that these arrangements are ok for you?

When do I get better numbers of the attendees? I assume that all or most people would like to have a single room - correct?


17 - 19 September, 2012.


The meeting is held in http://hotelrigikaltbad.ch/hotel_e.php.




Agenda proposals and Agenda.