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Monday (17th) Tuesday (18th) Wedneday (19th)
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Chairing Cameron Erik Cameron
9:00 am
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  • Agenda review
  • Pass Path object to SVG path
  • Add new (canvas like) path segments to path syntax
  • <image> as paint server for SVG (already resolved to have <gradient>)
  • Linking to external style sheets — should we have <link>?
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  • New value names -moz-objectFill, -moz-objectStroke, -moz-objectValue (for stroke-{dash{array,offset},width})
  • SVG in OpenType - next steps and general discussion
  • What to do with:
    • xml:base=""
    • version="" and baseProfile=""
    • xml:lang=""
    • svg:transform

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  • radialGradient @fr
  • Mesh Gradients
    • Some comments (ED):
      • would like to see clear implementation requirements in the spec (and more examples)
      • there are no references (informative or normative)
      • implementability in hardware is a concern
      • how are overlapping patches supposed to be handled, which color "wins" if there are two defined at the same vertex?
      • the syntax is not hand-authoring friendly, have we exhausted the possibilities for finding a simpler syntax?
      • if possible I'd like the syntax evolution to be described on the wiki, with rationales for the descisions made

10:30 am
Morning tea
10:45 am
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  • Filter Effects
    • 'color-interpolation-filters' on short hands.
    • new shorthand for noise
    • perlin noise replacement or addition?
    • noise() function for CSS Images?
    • other shorthands needed?
    • keep new fe*elements that lack description ATM?
    • enable-background naming and relation to compositing and blending
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12:30 pm
1:30 pm
Scribe: ??
  • SVG DOM improvements
  • HTML integration
  • New element/attribute capitalization
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  • Mapping topics
    • Dynamic document loading
    • Zooming and pannning
    • Projection (Transformation)
    • Another use cases in cases where using iframe
    • Use cases of non-scaling objects
    • Mapping taskforce update
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3:15 pm
Afternoon tea
3:30 pm
Scribe: ??
  • Issues on CSS Masking
    • maskType attribute? (presentation atribute? rename?)
    • mask-box-image, mask-image, clip-path: <shape>, apply on obb?
  • How to internationalize "title"?
  • Removing pixelUnitToMillimeter{X,Y} and screenPixelToMillimeter{X,Y}

Scribe: ??
  • SVG2 Fallback to older modules if extracted modules are behind (Filter Effects, Masking)
  • Move to git and GitHub with spec
  • One or two Changes appendices?
  • Next F2Fs
    • January/February in Sydney, June in Tokyo with CSS
Scribe: ??
  • rendering-mode: animate
  • SVG documentation (5 minutes)
  • connectors (needs Dirk)
  • star / polygon (needs Dirk)
  • rounded corners in shapes
  • CSS variables and params (needs Tab)
  • JSON serialization
  • expose transformed path (needs Dirk)
  • getPaintedBBox()
5:15 pm