F2F/London 2014/Agenda proposals

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  • marker, symbol: refX and refY shorthand anchor points: 'top left' 'center center', etc. (Tav)
  • Performance of transformation in panning & zooming ("transforms", "will-change")[1] (konno)
  • IFrame spec issues (Brian) (was: [2] (konno))
  • Putting SVG 2 spec on GitHub (Cameron)
  • New SVG DOM (Cameron)
    • Getting rid of uses of const enums in SVG DOM, related to [3] (ed)
    • Raw cubic bezier coordinate list accessors (Brian)
  • Units in path data and points="" attributes (Doug)
  • The topic index (Cameron)
  • The <tref> decision (Tav)
  • Initial implementation of sub-paths (Cyril)
  • Get an update on SVG integration (Cyril)
  • Get an update on Web animation (Cyril)
  • SVG tests in web-platform-tests (ed)
  • Variable stroke width (Brian)
  • z-index (Jonathan)
  • Catmull-Rom curve path data command (Cameron)
  • stroke-position (Cameron)
  • Parameterised SVG images (resurrecting SVG Params in some form?) (Jonathan)