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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-2782 (edit) pending review Write a whitepaper on versioning, future proofing, backward compatability and SVG 2.0 Patrick Dengler 2010-05-17 SVG 2
ACTION-2790 (edit) pending review Post plan for the plan for SVG 2.0 on the Wiki Patrick Dengler 2010-06-07 SVG 2
ACTION-2794 (edit) pending review Talk to MSIE team about HTML5+SVG tests Patrick Dengler 2010-06-07 SVG-and-HTML
ACTION-2815 (edit) pending review Draft a complete response to ISSUE-2338 and research the answers to the questions asked Patrick Dengler 2010-07-13 ISSUE-2338
ACTION-2830 (edit) pending review Get to HTML5 working group <canvas> about using canvas width and height for SVG width and height Patrick Dengler 2010-07-27
ACTION-2831 (edit) pending review Check into SVG Load on all elements and performance Patrick Dengler 2010-07-27 SVG 2
ACTION-2795 (edit) open Make some html5 and svg combined tests that exercise overflow Patrick Dengler 2010-06-14 SVG-and-HTML
ACTION-2828 (edit) open Create more sophisticated test cases around <image> sizing and viewBox Patrick Dengler 2010-07-27
ACTION-2829 (edit) open Investigate default <svg> sizing in HTML5 Patrick Dengler 2010-07-27
ACTION-2893 (edit) open Submit new filter effects proposals Patrick Dengler 2010-11-11
ACTION-2895 (edit) open Follow up on tabAtkins gradient requirement document Patrick Dengler 2010-11-11
ACTION-2899 (edit) open Help shepazu drive SVG "Integration" specification to editors draft Patrick Dengler 2010-11-12
ACTION-2952 (edit) open Review struct-dom-15 Patrick Dengler 2011-02-09
ACTION-2991 (edit) open Review to see if he agrees with it Patrick Dengler 2011-03-09
ACTION-2999 (edit) open Consider intrinsic sizing behavior (particularly when a viewBox is not provided) and follow-up test cases Patrick Dengler 2011-03-10

Open Issues

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