W3C httpd manual

W3C httpd Administration

This is a reference manual to all W3C httpd features.

Command line options
Listing of all the flags and parameters that httpd understands.
Configuration file of httpd
also referred to as rule file.
Executable Server Scripts: CGI/1.1
How to set up server-side executable scripts to produce documents on the fly. W3C httpd 2.15 has the Common Gateway Interface, CGI/1.0. See NCSA's CGI/1.0 specification for more details. See also: cgiparse and cgiutils.
Clickable Images
How to set up clickable images.
Forms Support
How to make forms, and how to handle them in W3C httpd.
Search Scripts
How to use server scripts to implement searches.
Access Authorization
How to set up user authentication and document protection.
Customized Error Messages
How to set up your own error messages
How to set up httpd to run as a proxy (a gateway running on a firewall machine providing with access to the outside world to the people inside the firewall).

httpd@w3.org, July 1995