W3C httpd manual

Customizing Error Messages

Version 3.0A and newer version of the server support customized error messages. Customized error messages allows the server administrator to insert the documents instead of the default error messages, for example when a file could not be found.

The configuration is very simple, you simply define teh set of error messages using the ErrorURL prefix in the server configuration file. Examples are

	ErrorUrl        403     <location>/my-403-message
	ErrorUrl        404     <location>/my-404-message

but you can use all other 4xx and 5xx codes as well. The server performs normal content negotiation on the files, so you do not have to include the html suffix. This also allows for having error messages in multiple languages, if desired.

The location of the error documents are relative to the ServerRoot directive.

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen, httpd@w3.org,

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