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XML-DSig '99 - Position Papers

(Tenative List as of April 15, 1999)

Name Oranization Title of Position Paper
Mark Champine Lotus Lotus Statement of Interest in Signed XML
Martin Lee AND Data Ltd W3C Signed RDF Workshop, A Position Paper.
John Boyer UWI.Com
  1. Signed XML: Experiences from the Creation of XFDL
  2. XFDL: Creating Electronic Commerce Transaction Records Using XML
Don Eastlake IBM SecureXML: Importance, Definition, and Standardization
Hiroshi Maruyama IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory [DOM-HASH]
Ko Fujimura NTT XML Ticket: Generalized Digital Ticket Definition Language
Kent Davidson Differential, Inc. Digital Receipts and Signed-XML
Michael Merz Ponton Hamburg Ponton and The COSMOS Project
Milton Anderson FSTC
  1. Digital Signatures For Financial Services
  2. Browser Support for Signing and Submitting XML Forms
  3. [SDML]
Jean-Jacques Dubray NEC Systems, Inc. NEC Position Paper
Richard Himes US District Court US District Court District of New Mexico
Satoru Tezuka Hitachi,Ltd Internet-Marks and Signed-XML
Peter Lipp IAIK, TU Graz Graz University of Technology
Richard Brown GlobeSet, Inc.
  1. GlobeSet Obejctives and Requirements
  2. [Signed XML]
Phillip Hallam-Baker VeriSign Verisign (signed-XML and CMS)
Robert Relyea (James Nicolson) Netscape Netscape Position Paper
Paul Lambert Certicom Validation and Semantics
of XML Digital Signatures
Kyle Austin, Keith Wiseman Digital Signature Trust Company Digital Signature Trust
Winchel Vincent Georgia State University GSU Electronic Court Filing Project


Joseph Reagle W3C Agenda
Tim Berners-Lee W3C Semantic Web
Daniel Veillard W3C Signed-XML and XML Coordination (forthcoming)
Ralph Swick W3C RDF (forthcoming)
Alan Kotok W3C (Workshop Notes)
Daniel LaLiberte W3C (Workshop Notes)
Marja-Riitta Koivunen W3C (Workshop Notes)
Eric Prud'homeaux W3C (Workshop Notes)
Massimo Marchiori W3C (Workshop Notes)
Bede McCall, Daniel Woycke MITRE Corporation (Cannot send)
David Linthicum SAGA Software (Cannot send)
Missing in Action
Peter Chen Louisiana State University  
David Solo Citigroup  
Loyd Brodsky The Thomson Corporation  
David Lakness Keyfile Corp  
Barbara Fox Microsoft (On its way)
Clifford Lynch CNI (On its way)
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