Changes to the W3C Process Document

Last revised $Date: 2005/10/18 20:08:03 $

All changes to the Process Document listed here have been reviewed by the W3C Advisory Board.

Some changes are not listed here including spelling fixes, wording changes, some structural changes, and updates to the Appendixes.

Changes to intermediate drafts are available to the Membership.

Changes in 14 October 2005 release

These are the most significant changes in the 14 October 2005 W3C Process Document; see the differences since the 5 February 2004 version for a detailed view of all changes.

Changes in 5 February 2004 release

Almost all of the changes in this revision were to align the Process Document with the W3C Patent Policy. In addition, some bugs were fixed and some sections were editorially improved.

Changes in 18 June 2003 release

18 June 2003 Process Document

This document represents a substantial revision from the 19 July 2001 Process Document. We only identify the primary changes below.

2 Members, AC, Team, AB, TAG
3 General Policies for W3C Groups
4 Dissemination and IPR policies
7 Recommendation Track Process
6 Working Groups, Interest Groups, and Coordination Groups
8 AC Reviews, Appeals, Votes
10 Liaisons (New)
11 Member Submission Process

Changes in 19 July 2001 release

19 July 2001 Process Document

This document incorporates the Technical Architecture Group (TAG).

Changes in 8 February 2001 release

8 February 2001 Process Document

This document has undergone substantial revision since the 11 November 1999 version. The Advisory Committee was invited to review the document twice, and their comments have been integrated. Many comments from the Team and Advisory Board have also been integrated. Because there have been so many changes over the eight internal drafts since 11 November 1999, only major changes are highlighted here. This is a shorter document for a number of reasons: some redundancies deleted and lots of information moved to the Web (e.g., information about communications, details for Members about Submission requests, etc.). A detailed list of changes is available to Members.

Changes in 11 November 1999 release

11 November 1999 Release

This is the same as the 1 November version with one clarification in Section 7: once the Director has announced changes to the process to the Advisory Committee, it may become the operative process rather than waiting until the end of the appeal period.

Changes in 1 November 1999 release

1 November 1999 Release

Changes in 8 June 1999 release

8 June 1999 Release

Changes in 9 May 1999 release

9 May 1999 release

Changes in 12 Nov 1998 release

12 November 1998 release

Changes in 26 May 1998 release

26 May 1998 release