W3C India Office holds Workshop on Internationalization of e-Governance Applications

Participants of the India Office Workshop On August 5th and 6th the W3C India Office held a Workshop on Internationalization of e-Governance Applications. The objective and focus of the workshop was to create awareness and provide training. The audience were developers and users of e-Governance applications and all associated stake holders interested in using W3C web standards especially in the perspective of internationalization. The workshop also aimed at capturing the requirements for Indian languages implementation of e-Governance solutions. It also covered hands-on examples and training to develop e-Governance solutions in Indian languages using W3C standards.

Around 100 participants participated in the workshop. There were around 55 senior officials from NIC (National Informatics Centre) from various State Governments. The rest of the participants came from major industries like Microsoft, IBM, HP, Yahoo, Accenture, TCS, Opera and Samsung who are involved in the development of multilingual e-governance solutions. Most of the participants appreciated the contents covered and quality of the workshop and asked for similar workshops to be held at regular intervals to promote wide proliferation of W3C standards. During the Workshop Internationalization requirements, Evolution and Importance of W3C Standards and guidelines, Semantic Markup and Unobtrusive JavaScript, Browser Testing, Unicode&CLDR, Mobile Web Development Best Practices, X-forms, HTML5, CSS3, SVG, W3C Validators topics were covered. The Workshop was supported by Opera Software.

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