Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France


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Posters are presentations and demonstrations of work in progress with the opportunity to meet the authors. Poster rooms will be opened from Tuesday 7 May to Thursday 9 May.


PST01: Sulla - A User Agent for the Web
David Eichmann and Jun Wu

PST02: BIOME - A Browser-Aware Search And Order System
Jon W. Grubb, Sarah V. Jennings, Teresa G. Yow, Patricia F. Daugherty

PST03: A Directory Service Architecture for the World-Wide Web
Hajime Takano, Nobuya Kubo, Hisashi Shimamura, Hiroshi Matsuura

PST04: Web-Based Address-Finder "Phonebook" with Integrated Communication Tools
John Wenger, Daryl Parker, Eddy Proft

PST05: A Grain of Sand or the Ocean; User Aims in Search Engine Interactions
Edward Hardie

PST06: Web Core - Forward and backward navigation on a Multi-grain Web representation
Carlos Baquero, Jorge Portugal Andrade

PST07: Browsing Digital Libraries with the Aid of Self-Organizing Maps
Krista Lagus, Samuel Kaski, Timo Honkela, Teuvo Kohonen

PST08: CURRY - A Customizable URL Recommendation Repository
Balachander Krishnamurthy and Manolis Tsangaris

PST09: @ATS - Assisted Technical Support
Ben Johnson

PST10: Aleph - a new computational model on the Web
Gerard Rodriguez and Leandro Navarro

PST11: Neighborhoods - A Protocol For Facilitating Synchronous Collaboration
Ed Grossman and Jitendra Kothari


PST12: Serving Multilingual Online Documentation
Faith Zack

PST13: Mapping the virtual geography of the World-Wide Web
Luc Giradin

PST14: CGM - better graphics for the Web
Chris Osland and Julian Gallop

PST15: STICKS and STONES - architectures for modular WWW software
Simon Dobson, Victoria Marshall, Brian Ritchie

PST16: A Simple Server Architecture for HTTP Sessions
Marc Salomon

PST17: A Multicollaborative Push-Caching HTTP Protocol for the WWW
Alejandro López-Ortiz and Daniel M. Germán

PST18: A Model of Web Server Performance
Louis P. Slothouber

PST19: Active Files: a new way for attaching a behavior to Web pages
Vincenzo D'Andrea, Davide Pastorello, Marco Ronchetti, Giancarlo Succi

PST20: Why and how not to use plain html.
D. Muller

PST21: WWW Impact on Business Productivity
Guy B. Olney

PST22: The design and provision of Software Engineering Education over the WWW
Fintan Culwin and Dave Marshall

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