Fifth International World Wide Web Conference

May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France

Industrial Sessions

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Tuesday 7 May

Ind1 (11:30-12:15): IBM

IBM - Partner for your Internet Projects

Pierre Daudet, Director, Internet Service Line, IBM France
IBM provides a complete set of service offerings to get your business connected quickly and reliably. The session describes specific IBM services taylored to fit your internet project at each step of the way.

Ind2 (12:15-13:00): Microsoft

Building ActiveX Server applications

Alain Gentilhomme, Technical Evangelist, Developer Relation Group, Microsoft Corp.
This session will explain how to use the ActiveX Server API to create active contents on the World Wide Web. Topics of discussion will also include the future directions for this technology.

Ind3 (14:30-15:15): Informix/Illustra

ORDBMS - The Next Great Wave

Michael Stonebraker, Co-founder & CEO, Illustra Information Technology Inc.
Today's world requires a data management system powerful enough to store and manipulate richly structured data, enforce the complex business rules that define its integrity, and is flexible enough to handle novel data structures effectively. Built from the ground up to deliver high-peformance, relationnal and object database management, Illustra embeds Object-Oriented capabilities in a relational model. Object-Relational = The best of Both Worlds.

Ind4 (15:15-16:00): Illustra

Illustra. The Content Management System for Your Evolving Web Needs

Marc Itzkowitz, Business Development Manager - Digital Media Distribution
WebPublishing requires a database that understands, manages and conceptualizes data in a whole new way. Technology is everchanging. Data is no longer just text and numbers, but graphics, video, images, audio samples, animation and formatted text. Illustra's extensible architecture accomodates all these data types. Snap-in software modules, called DataBlade(r) modules, teach the Illustra database server to understand new types of data, new ways of accessing it, and usefull operations to perform on it. A web site powered by Illustra enables to create and manage multimedia content in an easy, active and intelligent way.

Ind5 (16:30-17:15): France Telecom

From the Minitel into the Internet:
Building electronic market place over the Net.

Yves Parfait, Vice General Manager, France Telecom Interactive
France has a singular experience of electronic market places with the Minitel system which generated in 1995 10 billion french francs revenues.

The development of Microcomputers and Internet makes it necessary to evolve by taking into account new technologies and new business models while capitalizing on this experience.

Main issues are "searching" technologies such "natural language" and intelligent agents; payment systems especially for low amounts; quality of service and ergonomies.

France Telecom Interactive is the new subsidiary of France Telecom in charge of those new services.

Ind6 (17:15-18:30): Digital

Worldwide Announcement of Internet business unit and products

Bob Palmer, President & CEO - Ilene Lang, ISBU Vice-President
Worldwide Announcement of the new Internet Software Business Unit and new products based on AltaVista technology (from the US through a real-time video link).

Wednesday 8 May

Ind7 (9:00-9:45): Hewlett Packard

HP's Internet Strategy - Taking your Business to the Web

Karl Yap and Boris Teksler, Hewlett-Packard Company, Internet Solutions Lab.

Ind8 (9:45-10:30): Nokia

Wireless World Wide Web, Web Goes Cellular

Toni Sormunen, Nokia Mobile Phones, Wireless Data
The need for rich content (video, animation, sounds, Java applications, ActiveX), user attraction, and visitors cause the ever growing need for bandwidth. Bandwidth means better browsing experience, more fun, more visitors, and maybe more income. When the world and the Web is developing into rich multimedia presentation environment is there any room for wireless narrow bandwidth applications in the future?

Ind9 (14:30-15:15): Bellcore

Adaptive Technologies for Web Commerce

Richard DeMillo

Ind10 (15:15-16:00): Sun Microsystems Computers Company

Sun's Vision/strategy for Internet/Intranet evolution

Dennis TSU, Director of Internet Product Marketing, SMCC
This presentation will discuss Sun's vision of how the internet/intranet market will evolve - based on various market drivers (economics, technology, carrier services) and competition (e.g. Microsoft vs. Netscape). This vision is compiled from both Sun's own internal perspective as well as the input we receive from our customers, the leading internet/intranet adopters.

Then, based on this understanding of the market, Sun will present its plans/strategy for providing solutions to customer demands - both directly and with its partners, over the next several years.

Ind11 (16:30-17:15): Netscape

Ind12 (17:15-18:00): Adobe

Graphics and Icons on the Web

Bill McCoy, Director, Core Technology, Adobe Systems Incorporated
HTML and the World Wide Web were designed for technical communication between scientists. But the Web now is being called upon to support the full spectrum of rich communication needed by producers and consumers of all kinds of information. This talk will discuss how HTML and the Web can evolve to better meet these needs by providing improved support for graphical and typographic content, and will cover several Adobe products and technologies that help make the Web a richer communications medium. In particular, the Portable Document Format (PDF), which has a publicly available specification, provide an excellent standard for providing graphic and final form content.

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