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Bug 834 - validator claims file sent as text/plain
Summary: validator claims file sent as text/plain
Alias: None
Product: Validator
Classification: Unclassified
Component: check (show other bugs)
Version: 0.6.7
Hardware: Other Windows XP
: P2 normal
Target Milestone: ---
Assignee: Terje Bless
QA Contact: qa-dev tracking
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Reported: 2004-08-05 01:40 UTC by Ray Brindley
Modified: 2005-01-09 14:17 UTC (History)
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2004-08-05 07:13 UTC, Ray Brindley

Description Ray Brindley 2004-08-05 01:40:55 UTC
I am recieving the following statement after i attempt to check a page. Only 
problem is 1 minute ago it validated! This is severely annoying as i would 
like to finish an assignment that requires me to validate the HTML code with 
the validator and it is complaining that my server is 
not sending the required file format. 

I do not have a firewall turned on when i tried this, it worked a few times 
until i got it right then it stopped and wont validate any of the files i try 
to upload.

Sorry, I am unable to validate this document because its content type is 
text/plain, which is not currently supported by this service. 

The Content-Type field is sent by your web server (or web browser if you use 
the file upload interface) and depends on its configuration. Commonly, web 
servers will have a mapping of filename extensions (such as ".html") to MIME 
Content-Type values (such as text/html). 

That you recieved this message can mean that your server is not configured 
correctly, that your file does not have the correct filename extension, or 
that you are attempting to validate a file type that we do not support yet. In 
the latter case you should let us know that you need us to support that 
content type (please include all relevant details, including the URL to the 
standards document defining the content type) using the instructions on the 
Feedback Page.
Comment 1 Olivier Thereaux 2004-08-05 02:03:26 UTC
["annoying validator bug" is in no way a reasonably useful description of the issue", changing that]
[ tested upload feature of validator, works fine, switching status to "worksforme" ]

The fact that the validator refuses to validate documents served (or, in your case, since you are using 
upload, sent) with a wrong content-type is not a bug. If there is a bug, it is probably with the browser 
you are using to upload the documents to the validator.

You claim the behaviour of the validator changed without giving any detail or proper process to 
reproduce the issue. This makes the bug report less useful.

Probable cause of your problem: did you change the file name (or its extension, or its "default handler") 
between the moment the validator accepted it and the moment it stopped?

minor note: it's, not
Comment 2 Ray Brindley 2004-08-05 04:25:24 UTC
i did not change anything on the file AT ALL, i closed the web page and then 
re-opened them and then tried to upload the same file and other files.

i am using IE v6 all updated didn't change ANY settings. everything was just 
the same as it was. no other files seemed to work either!
Comment 3 Terje Bless 2004-08-05 04:40:55 UTC
Please upload the file you are trying to validate as an attachment to this bug report (see the "Create 
New Attachment" link at the top of the page). We'll also need to know the exact filename (including 
filename suffix) and which application this file type is bound to on your computer (which application is 
launched when you double-click the file in Windows Explorer); keeping in mind that WIndows by default 
will hide the real filename extension in Explorer windows.

Please note that there is a very strong probability that this is an issue somewhere on your computer. 
Most likely Windows has associated the particular filename suffix with Notepad or similar, and thus 
Internet Explorer is sending incorrect Content-Type information when you try to upload the file to the 
Markup Validator.
Comment 4 Ray Brindley 2004-08-05 07:13:07 UTC
Created attachment 369 [details]
main page
Comment 5 Ray Brindley 2004-08-05 07:17:31 UTC
the first application opened when i double click a .htm file is IE 
v6.0.2800.1106 filename is index.htm

i don't doubt that the problem is probably on my computer but why the hell did 
it work quite a few times then i close IE open it again and get the error? its 
just that it is really annoying
Comment 6 Terje Bless 2004-08-05 08:06:32 UTC
Ok. The attachment to this bug demonstrates that your browser is sending the file as text/plain and 
that the problem lies on your end and not in the Markup Validator, since the Validator and this Bug 
Tracking system are entirely separate codebases (and it's unlikely both would have the same bug).

Since this is not a problem in the Markup Validator I'm closing this bug report. We have however made 
a note that MSIE:win has problems in this regard and will investigate ways to alleviate the problem in a 
future version of the Markup Validator.

Since the problem is on your system it's not possible for us to troubleshoot it effectively. Sorry.

My only suggestion would be to download and install an alternative browser -- such as's 
"Firefox" browser (which is a better browser overall anyway) 
-- to work around this problem in IE (you will not need to remove IE to use another browser; both can 
be installed concurrently).

For further support with Internet Explorer problems I suggest you contect your local tech support 
department, or one of the Microsoft-related forums on the Internet. For instance, the USENET 
Newsgroup may be able to shed some light on the 
Comment 7 Gav... 2005-01-09 14:02:56 UTC
(In reply to comment #6)

A bit late finding this but I never usually use the 'upload' feature. A 
colleague of mine also had the exact same problem, validates fine though IE6 
when using the URI validator, but gave the text/plain error as above when 
using the upload validator method. I tried the same thing and I also get 
failures on all files using the upload method, all validate fine using the URI 
method. All the above using IE6 SP2 - my colleague using IE6 SP1. There are no 
such problems as you say in Firefox etc.

Are you saying then that this is a flaw with Microsoft rather than an 
incompatibility problem with the validator? I would only guess that MS will 
not change their code to be compatible with the validator.
Comment 8 Ville Skyttä 2005-01-09 14:17:14 UTC
It is not a matter of compatibility only with the validator, it's a plain
regression bug in that version of IE that MS should fix (to make it "compatible
with the Internet" so to say, regarding this issue).  If they don't fix it,
well, there are several other browsers that are known to work better.  See also
bug 838.