Name Description Open Bugs Total Bugs
a11y Accessibility issues Search 801
a11ytf Issues referred to the HTML Accessibility Task Force for work. Search 288
a11y_canvas Accessibility issues with the element. Search 46
a11y_display Accessibility issues with how content should be displayed. Search 10
a11y_drag-drop Accessibility issues with drag and drop. Search 9
a11y_focus Accessibility issues with management of keyboard (usually) focus. Search 41
a11y_labels Accessibility issues with how objects should be labeled (given a short identifier, different from a text alternative). Search 2
a11y_semantics Accessibility issues with semantics of features. Search 8
a11y_table_headers Accessibility issues with table header structure. Search 10
a11y_table_summary Accessibility issues with table summary (short description of structure) Search 8
a11y_text-alt Accessibility issues related to text alternatives. Search 127
a11y_ua Accessibility issues that are addressed by User Agent requirements and do not require specific features in content language specifications. Search 8
aria Issues with WAI-ARIA. Search 83
changeDeclined The Working Group declined to implement the change which the reviewer requested. Search 11
CR This bug is slated to be addressed within the HTML 5.0 CR period. Search 142
decided The WG has decided what to do about this item, but any changes needed have not been integrated into the status quo document. Search 76
Disagree A commenter disagrees with the Working Group decision for this bug. Search 9
disputedSpec For XML Schema Test Suite, corresponds to disputed-spec status Search 6
disputedTest For XML Schema Test Suite, corresponds to disputed-test status Search 9
editorial An editorial issue - final wording may need WG approval, but WG does not need to discuss technical direction. Search 252
erratum This issue has been identified as an erratum and a correction has either been issued or is in process. Search 8
externalComments The reviewer is not participating in the Working Group. Search 54
FormalObjection A commentor has explicitly stated a Formal Objection to the resolution for this bug. none none
futureConsideration This issue may be considered for a future version of the specification. (Used when the feature in question is out of scope for the current version.) Search 18
has-testcase Indicates that this bug has a test case in the test suite. Search 5
hasProposal A proposal has been prepared for this issue. Search 144
ICS Implementation Conformance Statement Search 3
inScope The issue is in scope for the Working Group. none none
interopIssue Possible interop issue. Search 4
LC Last Call version of a specification Search 52
media Bugs related to media (video and audio). Search 75
migrationPathNeeded Used in WS-RA, mean that we need to come up with a story on... the migration path for this issue Search 3
NE non-editorial change; e.g., not a typo Search 263
needs-testcase Indicates that this bug needs a test case in the test suite. Search 2
needsAction The issue resolution depends on an Action Item realisation Search 27
needsAgreement For XML Schema bugs which have been classified, but on which the WG has not yet reached technical ('phase-1') agreement. Search 46
needsDrafting For XML Schema bugs on which the WG has reached technical ('phase-1') agreement; the next step is for the editors to draft wording for the spec along the technical lines agreed by the WG. Search 81
needsinfo Seems to need more info from bug reporter/commenters before any further action can be taken. Search 4
needsPublication An editor has drafted proposed wording for the issue resolution, but it hasn't been published to the WG yet. none none
needsReview There is a proposed resolution for the issue, but it hasn't been reviewed yet Search 63
noFurtherAction For XML Schema bugs which have been classified as nongoals, or which have been overtaken by events, or abandoned; also for items which the WG believes should be dealt with by writing an explanation to the bug reporter but without a change to the spec. Search 18
nonEditorialChange To implement the comment, the Working Group made a non-editorial change to the specification. Search 8
NoReply There has been no response from the commenter. Search 488
noResponse The reviewer did not respond to the decision of the Working Group. Search 5
notInDTD For the Markup Validator, labels issues that are not in the realm of validation, but should be considered for a conformance checker. Search 3
NotInW3CSpecYet This bug is for a feature that is has not been adopted into the W3C version of HTML5 and may never be, and that is not under the HTML WG decision policy and may never be. Search 10
outOfScope The issue is out of scope for the Working Group. Search 11
PFWG Formal comments from the Protocols and Formats Working Group Search 8
PriorityRequest Bug needs to be addressed urgently. Search 1
proposalAccepted The Working Group has accepted the proposal of the reviewer. Search 62
queried For XML Schema Test Suite, corresponds to queried status Search 3
resolved For XML Schema bugs which have been resolved and the wording for which has been integrated by the editors into the status quo document. (This keyword may be omitted when the bug's Status field has the value "RESOLVED".) Search 689
reviewerNotSatisfied The reviewer is not satisfied with the response of the Working Group. Search 2
reviewerSatisfied The reviewer is satisfied with the response of the Working Group. Search 115
SpecGL QA Specification Guidelines Search 23
TODO This is bug that needs to be fixed at some point of time. Search 3
TrackerIssue The bug has been moved to become an issue in the W3C Tracker for a particular working group. Search 108
TrackerRequest A commenter has requested escalation of the bug to the Tracker. Search 1
unclassified For XML Schema bugs which are awaiting classification by the WG Search 16
Usability Usability of the tool, including style, interface, simplicity of error messages... Search 16
WGDecision The Working Group has recorded a decision on this bug. Search 72