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Bug 170 - Expand CONSEQUENCE
Summary: Expand CONSEQUENCE
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Product: P3P
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Vocabulary extensions (show other bugs)
Version: unspecified
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: P2 normal
Target Milestone: P3P1.1
Assignee: Rigo Wenning
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Reported: 2003-03-10 21:37 UTC by Lorrie Cranor
Modified: 2008-12-02 22:41 UTC (History)
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Description Lorrie Cranor 2003-03-10 21:37:46 UTC
Consider expanding definition of CONSEQUENCE field to reflect how it is actually being 
used -- in particular to express summary of STATEMENT as well as value proposition. 
Alternatively, consider adding actual structure to CONSEQUENCE element to seperate 
out summary from value proposition.
Comment 1 Lorrie Cranor 2003-05-28 14:23:44 UTC
On 28 May 2003 conference call WG consensus was to redefine CONSEQUENCE, but 
not add structure. Proposed new definition:

A short summary (not to exceed 500 characters) of the data practices described in the 
statement that can be shown to a human user. 

[Note that we do not plan on changing the P3P data schema to reflect the 500 character 
limit, however, user agents would be advised to display no more than 500 characters. 
We can also discuss whether 500 characters is the right limit or whether it should be 
more or less.]
Comment 2 Lorrie Cranor 2003-06-11 16:13:12 UTC
After discussions on 11 June conference call I revised my proposal for a new definition of 
the consequence element:

A short summary or explanation of the data practices described in the 
statement that can be shown to a human user.   This field is not intended to replace or 
duplicate the detailed information that may be provided in a site's full human-readable 
privacy policy.  Note that user agents that display this field MAY truncate lengthy 
CONSEQUENCE strings or display this information only if a user follows a hyperlink. 

Also, I propose we change item 5 in the section "Completeness of Human Readable 
Translations" in the UA Guidelines to:

Translations SHOULD include relevant human-readable fields from a P3P policy. 
However, user agents MAY truncate lengthy human-readable fields or display such fields 
on a click-through basis.  Typically, 500 characters is adequate for for the human-
readable P3P fields.

Comment 3 Lorrie Cranor 2003-06-25 13:58:38 UTC
Consensus on 25 June 2003 call was to adopt proposed new wording (from previous 
comment) with a hyperlink to the relevant part of the user agent guidelines (probably 
section 6.1) and the following addition:

(The definitionof CONSEQUENCE given here is somewhat different from the definition 
given in the P3P 1.0 specification, which stated that the element should be used for 
"consequences that can be shown to a human user to explain why the suggested 
practice may be valuable in a particular instance even if the user would not normally 
allow the practice." The P3P 1.1 definition has been broadened to reflect how the 
CONSEQUENCE element is being used by web sites in practice.  As the P3P 1.1 
definition subsumes the P3P 1.0 definition, it is not necessary for web sites that have 
developed their policies using the P3P 1.0 definition to change their policies unless they 
want to take advantage of the additional flexibility offered by the P3P 1.1 definition.)