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The Platform for Privacy Preferences

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Component Default Assignee Default QA Contact
Agent and domain relationships Jack Humphrey
A task force will consider the creation of a mechanism to allow sites to declare relationships between sites and domains so as to indicate, for example, that multiple domains are owned by the same company or that one site is acting as an agent of another site.
Article 10 vocabulary issues Giles Hogben
A task force will consider additions to the P3P vocabulary to facilitate disclosures required by Article 10 of the European Directive 95/46/EC.
Clarifications needed Lorrie Cranor
Proposed clarifications to the P3P 1.0 Recommendation, including clarifying the meaning and use of P3P vocabulary elements, policy components, and compact policy components; and clarifying the scope and limitations of P3P policies and compact policies.
Compact policies Lorrie Cranor
A task force will conduct an empirical study of the performance impacts of real time discovery of full P3P policies (as opposed to compact policies) for cookies and make an initial recommendation to the full working group about whether to proceed with developing improvements to the existing compact policy mechanism, a replacement mechanism, etc. Should the working group decide to pursue improvements to the existing compact policy mechanism, the task force's work should include developing a grouping mechanism for compact policies that plays a similar role as the STATEMENT element in a full P3P policy.
A task force will consider the creation of a mechanism that will allow web sites to indicate a set of practices to which opt-in or opt-out choices may be applied as a group.
Converting the P3P data schema to XML Schema Giles Hogben
A task force will develop a specification for converting the P3P base data schema syntax into XML schema notation and create an XSL style sheet that will do the conversion.
Other Lorrie Cranor
Everything else
P3P beyond HTTP Rigo Wenning
A task force will first identify the requirements for using P3P in conjunction with a number of protocols and applications other than HTTP -- including XML applications, SOAP, and Web Services. The task force will then develop an approach or set of approaches to binding P3P policies to resources that meet the identified requirements. The task force will also examine whether there are vocabulary issues or other issues that need to be addressed when using P3P in these contexts.
Signed P3P policies Giles Hogben
A task force will specify the details of a mechanism for associating digital signatures with P3P policies and policy reference files.
User agent behavior Lorrie Cranor
A task force will develop recommendations for P3P user agent behavior, including words and phrases for presenting P3P vocabulary elements to end users. Some of these recommendations may ultimately be published as part of the P3P1.1 Recommendation while others may take the form of guidelines that may be published as a W3C Note.
Vocabulary extensions Lorrie Cranor
Propose changes to the P3P vocabulary. For the purpose of P3Pv1.1 we will attempt to implement these using the P3P extension mechanism.