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Bug 118 - Show current version number
Summary: Show current version number
Alias: None
Product: Validator
Classification: Unclassified
Component: Website (show other bugs)
Version: 0.6.1
Hardware: Other other
: P2 enhancement
Target Milestone: 0.6.2
Assignee: Terje Bless
QA Contact:
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Reported: 2002-12-10 01:47 UTC by Ralf Hauser
Modified: 2003-05-24 12:01 UTC (History)
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Description Ralf Hauser 2002-12-10 01:47:23 UTC talks about what shall be done until Release
0.7, but,, and the checking output pages, do not really tell what the current
version is.
Terje Bless [] filled this gap on the mailing list, but I think
bugzilla is a good place to take care of this:
<<The current version in production is 0.6.1p1 with a 0.6.2 release planned
but not yet scheduled. 0.7.0 is expected to be the next release if nothing
else pops up.>> Unfortunately, it continues: <<Don't put too much weight on
what's on todo.html; they're more ideas of
"stuff that looks like it might fit in there" than hard and fast
development plans.>> I hope having bugzilla is a first step to more transparency
on where this all is going for the intersted outsiders! Good choice to use it!
Comment 1 Terje Bless 2003-03-01 14:26:14 UTC
The version numbers and (informal) development plans seem to be working well so
far. The Validator will now (as of 0.6.2) display the current version number
prominently in output pages (including "static" HTML on the website).

I'm not entirely sure we're ready to commit to feature lists for each release,
but looking at the Target in Bugzilla ought to give folks a reasonable idea of
what's going on. The TODO and such should probably deal more with broad outlines
and major features for each release then the current nitpickingly detailed
feature list.

Transparancy in development is pretty good IMO. We've moved some discussion away
from www-validator simply to keep the "noise" down for the users seeking help,
but both Bugzilla and the IRC channel (#validator on is public
and publicized.

Setting a target on 0.6.2 to see how much of this we can address better for that
Comment 2 Terje Bless 2003-05-24 07:16:44 UTC
We will be using the version number on all pages and refer to it in todo.html,
Bugzilla, release announcements, etc. This ought to close out this bug (feel
free to reopen if I've missed something Ralf!) with adjustments made on the fly
in response to feedback on the lists.
Comment 3 Ralf Hauser 2003-05-24 07:25:51 UTC
great, when will that be deployed to the website?
Comment 4 Terje Bless 2003-05-24 08:01:21 UTC
Beta will go up on today, with final release to
happen when we're happy with the feedback we're getting on the mailinglists
(there are some potentially controversial changes in 0.6.2).