W3C Workshop "Television and the Web"

June 29-30, 1998

Sophia-Antipolis - France

This is the list of papers that were submitted to the W3C workshop on "Television and the Web".

Authors Affiliation Title
1 Hiroyuki Nakano Digital Vision Laboratories Specification for Media Fusion Terminal Platform
2 Enrico Fagnoni Onion Communications Technologies Consulting Onion interest in Web Television
3 Yoshihisa Gonno Information Broadcasting Laboratories A View to the Broadcasting and the Internet
4 Norio Kimura ACCESS Position Paper for Workshop on "Television and the Web"
5 Reha Civanlar Technology Leader, AT&T Labs - Research WWW & TV Working Closer
6 Christian Bertin 
Dominique Nasse
CNET TV and Web evolution paths - towards each other 
7 Yoichiro Tomari Mitsubishi Electric Corporation  Internet-TV
8 Pablo Rodriguez 
Jamel Gafsi 
Jorg Nonnenmacher
Institut EURECOM A More Attractive and Interactive TV 
(new version; trademark issue resolved)
9 Riikonen Tommi 
Djupsjobacka Kimmo
Nokia Multimedia Network Terminals Nokia Standard Document Template (Full Version)
10 Marchisio Pietro CSELT - Internet and Multimedia Services Outlook of Standards for Multimedia - Applications
11 Paul Chapple 
Glenn Adams
Spyglass Rethinking the role of an embedded Internet client in digital set-top boxes
12 Klaus Hofricher 
Hans Werner Bitzer
German National Research Center for Information Technology 
Deutsche Telekom Berkom
Convergence in the HomeNet Environment
13 Pierre-Yves Castellan CNET The Interactive Terminals Unit at LEP (Philips research lab)
14 Greg Porell Bitstream, Inc. Font Management for Web and TV systems
15 Don Wright Lexmark International  Television and the Web
16 Dave Raggett World Wide Web Consortium Summary of presentation at "Television and the Web" workshop
17 Phil Cooke 
Yoshihiro Mimura
Matsushita Electric Industrial Position Paper
18 Hideki Nishimura  Sharp Corporation Position Paper
19 Tatsuya Hagino  World Wide Web Consortium W3C's Mobile Access interest in "Television and the Web" Workshop
20 Graeme Thomson 
Misha Wolf
Reuters, London Position Paper
21 Teemu Varonen Helsinki Telephone Corporation Position Paper
22 Ann Navarro HTML Writers Guild Integration of Television and the Web: Challenges facing the Developer Community
23 David Bradshaw BBC Research & Development Intenet delivery of Television material
24 Werner Brueckner Institut fuer Rundfunktechnik Position Paper
25 Pascal Vuylsteker INA Web / TV : Convergence or Crossbreeding
26 Rob Koenen Multimedia Technology Group, KPN Research MPEG-4: a Powerful Standard for Use in Web and Television Environments
27 Olivier Avaro CNET MPEG-4 Systems: A key technology for Web/TV Integration
28 Janne Saarela World Wide Web Consortium Video Content Models based on RDF
29 Dick Bulterman 
Lynda Hardman 
Lloyd Rutledge
CWI TV and the Internet: Providing Authoring Support for Multiple Content Projections
30 George Backer 
Jerry Bennington 
Jonathan Boltax 
Kevin Gage 
Miguel Garcia 
Mike Richmond 
Jeff Scherb 
Mark Vickers 
Scot Watson 
Dan Zigmond
Cable Television Laboratories 
Warner Bros. 
CNN Interactive 
Tribune Company 
Network Computer 
Microsoft/WebTV Networks
A Framework for Interactive Television Based on Internet Standards
31 Yuichi Yagawa Hitachi, Ltd., Systems Development Laboratory How the Web improves Human Television Interaction
32 Allen Mornington-West ITVA UK  MHEG5 and the WWW in Television Broadcasting: Confusion or Convergence
33 Udi Peleg Veon, Inc. Position Paper
34 Alexander Braun ZDF TV and Internet - Two worlds growing together
35 Lie Håkon Wium World Wide Web Consortium Style Sheets for TV
36 Norbert Gerfelder 
Luc Neumann
ZGDV (Computer Graphics Center) Interactive Video on the World Wide Web 
Convergence of the WWW and Digital TV
37 Astrid Dobbelaar Philips Design Position Paper
38 Warner ten Kate 
Hayder Radha
Philips Research Laboratories Bringing the Web to the TV: Convergence Scenarios
39 Masahiro Tabuchi 
Hiroshi Matoba 
Kazutoshi Maeno 
Shiro Sakata
NEC C&C Media Research Laboratories TV Community System on the WWW
40 Aninda DasGupta Philips Research Televising Cyberspace: Issues involved
41 Martin Newcombe Carlton Online The Web on Television and Television on the Web
42 Jeane Chen IBM The Web on Television and Television on the Web
43 Alain Morvan France Telecom Today: A strong expertise in the EPG application domain
44 Philip DesAutels MatchLogic Setting the Stage: The Revolution

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