XForms Users Community Group Teleconference

16 December 2022


Alain, Erik, Steven

Meeting minutes


ACTION-2325: Steven and Erik, check the new submit-ready text


Erik: Continues

ACTION-2326: Find out if iframe is deprecated.


Steven: It isn't.
… there is a follow up on communication with iframes



Steven: Where does it gets its data from?

Alain: From the browser.

Steven: My browser already autocompletes. What's the difference?

Alain: It doesn't work well with passwords for instance.
… the autocomplete attribute allows specification of what can be completed.
… there are many possible values

Steven: Couldn't we make autocomplete match the datatype (like credit card)?

Alain: Owen Ambur thought it could be interesting for his project.

Steven: Let's investigate further how to integrate into XForms.

Erik: Sounds like it's worth looking into.

ACTION-2328: Write an email proposing the use of <form/>


Alain: It could be an option.

Steven: You are suggesting moving all of XForms into a <form/> element in the body?

Alain: Yes

Erik: No opinion particularly.

Steven: The content model of <form/> already supports this.

Alain: The current <form/> is specified as a document element

ACTION: Steven to check the <form/> element

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2329 - Check the <form/> element [on Steven Pemberton - due 2022-12-23].

Alain: I read that a host element is required, but I don't see why.

Erik: Why is stylesheet a problem?

Alain: Not really a problem.

Erik: You want more than one?

Erik: In practice style elements are allowed anywhere by browsers.

ACTION-2327 - Write an email proposing a method for events


Steven: I don't see a huge difference in what we are proposing, just how to propose it.

Erik: There are 4 different things, dispatching in to out, out to in, listening on both sides.
… from out to in you can just use dispatch.

Steven: It would bubble on the outside

Erik: Right
… not in itself a problem.
… elements implement behaviour
… the control element could have a listener

Steven: It would have to listen to all events
… I would like to do an implementation-independent definition without new concepts if possible.

Erik: I agree

Steven: But you are suggesting new attributes or attribute concepts.

Steven: I think one way to solve this is to write forms to compare how they work.

ACTION: Steven to write some example forms communicating with each other

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2330 - Write some example forms communicating with each other [on Steven Pemberton - due 2022-12-23].


Steven: My tutorial on XForms got accepted for the Web conference in Texas next year.
… next call 6 January
… have a great holiday period!


Summary of action items

  1. Steven to check the <form/> element
  2. Steven to write some example forms communicating with each other
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