Data on the Web

Presenter: Pierre-Antoine Champin, W3C/INRIA
Duration: 5 min
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Data on the Web

Pierre-Antoine Champin

Verifiable data

A diagram representing only the VC standards A diagram representing the VC standards and the DID standards A diagram representing the VC standards, the DID standards, and the RCH standards

RDF Dataset Canonicalization & Hash WG

Photo of Markus Sabadello Photo of Phil Archer

Chairs: Phil Archer and Markus Sabadello

Mission: define a standard to uniquely and deterministically calculate a hash of RDF Datasets.

Knowledge graphs

  • Integrate heterogeneous data from different sources, in order to gain insight
  • W3C standards (RDF, SHACL, SPARQL...) recognized as a valuable alternative to proprietary technologies
  • RDF: :alice :workingFor :acme. RDF-star: :alice :workingFor :acme {| since 2019 |}. Need to address new challenges

RDF-star WG

Photo of Ora Lassila Photo of Adrian Gschwend

Chairs: Adrian Gschwend and Ora Lassila

Mission: extend RDF and SPARQL with the ability to concisely represent and query statements about statements.

Automotive data

A photo of a car, showing a graph of data around the car, depicting the car communicating with the web

The mission of the Automotive Working Group is to develop specifications for exposing information services for in-vehicle and cloud based uses.


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