Internationalization Working Group Teleconference

12 May 2022


addison, Atsushi, Bert, David, Erik, Felix, Fuqiao, JcK, Richard
Addison Phillips
addison, xfq

Meeting minutes

Agenda Review

Action Items

<addison> https://www.w3.org/International/track/actions/open

<JcK> Richard: thanks. I've already beaten the current crew up with most of that

addison: I've started to work on the timezone note
… I think I want to retire the time zone proposal action item
… will work on backwards deletion soon

close ACTION-437

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-437.

close ACTION-1140

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-1140.

Bert: Proposed text with r12a, haven't responded to issue #996 yet

close ACTION-1143

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-1143.

close ACTION-1144

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-1144.

<r12a> close ACTION-1142

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-1142.

close ACTION-1145

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-1145.

close ACTION-1146

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-1146.

close ACTION-1147

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-1147.

close ACTION-1148

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-1148.

<r12a> https://www.w3.org/International/i18n-drafts/techniques/shortchecklist

close ACTION-1149

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-1149.

close ACTION-1150

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-1150.

Info Share

r12a: I was a little concerned because our meeting agenda will go to the public list instead of the member list
… I sent an email to vivien
… he said the public list is db-backed
… Mark Davis is on the member list but not the public list, but I suspect that's because he's one of the people who don't want to received lots of emails
… there's no way to change where the agenda should go to
… if we want to schedule something we don't want other people to know about, and we dont' want to send it to public, but that doesn't seem to occur anyway
… so i don't think there's any way we can do anything

addison: the public list gets all of our digest

r12a: all of our actions also go to the public list anyway

<r12a> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-i18n-core/

r12a: i'm looking at the member list, not a lot of things other than agenda+
… and regrets

r12a: the public list doesn't have more subscribers than the member list
… the subscribers are mostly the same
… there isn't really anything we can do about it
… the only thing we can do is to use the member list less


xfq: we'd like the Groups to answer the survey on Group attendance at TPAC by the end of this month

ACTION: addison: fill in TPAC logistics survey

<trackbot> Created ACTION-1151 - Fill in tpac logistics survey [on Addison Phillips - due 2022-05-19].


xfq: health rules ^

RADAR Review

r12a: I got an email from @@ about all kinds of counter styles

<addison> https://github.com/w3c/i18n-request/projects/1

addison: two incoming requests

addison: Web Neural Network API and MiniApp Lifecycle
… atsushi to review WebNN
… addison and Bert to review MiniApp Lifecycle

atsushi: did not find anything else except the existing pending issues

addison: any objections on moving CSS Custom Highlight API Module Level 1 to completed?





fuqiao: they are moving towards CR


fuqiao: all four issues raised by addison
… they closed this issue, believe it is fixed


fuqiao: can close

addison: no objection


(close, recycle)



addison: they are duplicating a list from html, others have also

David: I think it's bad form but sometimes people need to say "exactly this" like WCAG x.x or HTML x.x

David: also think it is bad form, but working in an environment where required to do "exactly X"

addison: any objections on accepting this?


xfq: close this

WSGL identifier comparison



fuqiao: they already copied our green box from specdev
… that lgtm
… the other is to use 'idential to' or 'is' from Infra
… but they chose not to use deliberately because Infra uses code units
… but they want to use code points

addison: effectively the same thing

Two WGSL identifiers are the same if and only if they consist of the same sequence of code points.

addison: the second note is still kind of scary

r12a: it's in a note so I'm assuming this is just a suggestion

addison: their definition of homographs is weird
… i think they need to say something like visually the same or visually confusable

r12a: but i think that might be a separate issue

addison: could be

addison: are we good?

xfq: for this issue we are satisfied and can close the tracker, right?

addison: yeah

Pull-Request on specdev



addison: thank you for your suggestions, r12a
… they're very helpful

r12a: had to retrofit all of your changes to the new version

addison: any objections on the changes I made?


DOMException localizability

Changes to specdev checklists

<r12a> https://w3c.github.io/bp-i18n-specdev/#ghChecklist

[r12a shares his screen]

r12a: i made big changes to the specdev checklist
… for three reasons
… 1. the checklist is too long
… need a more effcient way
… basically what they say to do a checklist, you go to the section which is relevant
… most of the specs are relevant to language and direction but nothing else
… before we had to click all the section headings
… now we need only click once
… you don't have to click on two checkboxes, you only need to click the second one if it's relevant and you have fixed it
… we can get away from the wiki
… we can do a short checklist and a long checklist in a github issue
… all on the same page now
… you couldn't change check marks on the wiki

David: language and direction are pretty much relevant to every spec and we can make it checked by default

r12a: ok, thank you
… it's actually less work than before
… previously you couldn't see the wood for the trees
… the short list says "also check the long list"

addison: we're doing away from the short checklist?

r12a: no
… you go through the short checklist to find which is relevant
… then you go through the long checklist to check the details

addison: I think the short checklist doesn't refer to every section in specdev

r12a: yes
… because it's short

Bert: the button that generates the markdown
… why not generate the button automatically?

<Zakim> Bert, you wanted to suggest that the ‘generate markup’ button can be replaced with an automatically updating function.

r12a: yes

Bert: people might forget to click the button again after changing the checkboxes

r12a: i'm starting to think maybe we should start copying the character model to specdev

<Bert> (Not a fan of pages opening in a new tab/window, unless I do that myself with a right-click. I often do not notice that a tab opened and then get confused why the back button doesn't work...)

r12a: will do experiment on section 4.1

addison: charmod has grown old

r12a: readability improvement and the opportunity to update the information


Summary of action items

  1. addison: fill in TPAC logistics survey
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