XForms Users Community Group Teleconference

25 March 2022


Alain, Erik, Steven

Meeting minutes

ACTION-2309: Research xpath3 function definitions (Erik)


Erik: In XPath there's no way to define a named function. In XQuery there is.
… is there anything we can use from XPath that we should/could use to define a function element, instead of what we now have. There's not much that makes sense I think.
… If we adopt the XQuery syntax,
… we would still have to parse that specific syntax with an enclosing element
… I conclude that we aren't far from that, using a function element. I'n not sure adding another element, and using XQuery syntax

Alain: It could be the HTML script element

Erik: You'd have to parse that part of XQuery

Steven: Is your conclusion that we don't have to replace what we currently have?

Alain: yes.

Alain: OK with me.

Steven: Then lets close this as done.

ACTION-2315: Report on event handling in web components (Erik)


Erik: Continues

ACTION-2312: Devise text for submission using @value (Steven)


(Also covers ACTION-2317: Include submit-serialize in submission using


and ACTION-2318: Add new submission text to spec)

Closing this

trackbot, close ACTION-2312

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-2312.

trackbot, close ACTION-2317

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-2317.

trackbot, close ACTION-2318

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-2318.

ACTION-2314: Compose text that matches the <control/> discussion for

mirroring (Steven)


Erik: Alain had raised the point that there is a security issue.

ACTION-2313: Research the alternatives for 'dirty' data, and produce

code in all of them for comparison (Steven)


Steven: Continues

State change events


Erik: I have problems with what a value is, and I don't think we had a conclusion to that discussion.

Steven: My use case was a value that I wanted to catch because a data structure changed size accordingly, but the value changed as a result of a computation. I had to make a fake input control just in order to catch the value changes

Erik: We support <var> in the model for computations.
… In the view (not specified in the spec I believe), we support value-changed
… so we might be able to use <var> in the model as a source of value-changed events.

Erik: I'm thinking on the fly here.
… it might be an option.

Submission echo


Steven: Erik said "use a scheme", but that is hard.

Erik: We do everything as when using http:, but we use a scheme, that gets put in a response body, etc
… and then everything happens as if an http submission

Alain: I use the debugger to look at what is submitted. Not so useful for me.

Steven: What about a method?

Erik: It impacts the serialisation

Steven: We could just hijack or steal a scheme


ACTION: Steven investigate the work required for a scheme registration.

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2319 - Investigate the work required for a scheme registration. [on Steven Pemberton - due 2022-04-01].

Alain: How about simulating a response?
… so you could specify a response.

Steven: Needs thought.

ACTION: Alain to suggest a method of specifying a response for an echo

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2320 - Suggest a method of specifying a response for an echo [on Alain Couthures - due 2022-04-01].


Steven: Can we move to a different day?

[Discussion: No]

Steven: If it would ever become possible, a day other than Friday or Tuesday at this time would make life easier for me.


trackbot, close ACTION-2309

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-2309.

Summary of action items

  1. Steven investigate the work required for a scheme registration.
  2. Alain to suggest a method of specifying a response for an echo
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