XForms Users Community Group Teleconference

26 Sep 2018



Steven, Owen, Philip, Erik


ACTION-2199: Add instance fallback to spec


Steven: Please check, and let me know if there are problems

<scribe> ... Done

Erik: I had a comment
... we had suggested using submit-error as event.
... Should we use submit-done for symmetry?
... We do have model-contruct-done, which would include it.

Steven: I'm not sure we need it; on the other hand it does no harm.

Erik: There's relatively few things you can do before xforms-ready.

Steven: You are one of the few people I know of who does stuff before xforms-ready. I never do.

Erik: Let us leave this to rest.

Steven: I'll put a note in the spec.

<scribe> ACTION: Steven to add note to instance initialisation about submit-ready

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2200 - Add note to instance initialisation about submit-ready [on Steven Pemberton - due 2018-10-03].

ACTION-2196: Spec up collapsing sections


Steven: In progress

ACTION-2198: Propose text for selecting items from a nested bind


Erik: In progress

ACTION-2197: Send example of idref identification


Erik: In progress
... I'll try for next week

State change events


Steven: This is about catching state-change events in the model, which we currently can only catch in the UI

Erik: It is the processing model that causes the problem.
... In the view we do it at refresh.

Steven: Couldn't we just add it to refresh?

Erik: Not sure.
... You need to know what has changed, and you need somewhere where you could look it up.

Steven: Couldn't you look for listeners in the model?

Erik: Conceptually you have to look at all the binds in all models.
... A control has a value. It obviously gets updated.
... that is a clear point where we know something changes state
... For the model it is less obvious. Binds are updated during rebuild, not during refresh.
... We need to say which binds receive an event. Is it only for leaf elements?
... I think it is doable; we just need to make it clear.

Steven: I'll think about how we might express it this week.

ACTION-2190: Add relevance attribute to return action


Steven: This is for the <control> element for embedding forms.


Steven: That is the revised text for the <control> element, with the changes I was asked to make.
... I updated the text as requested; there are also three questions in yellow for discussion

Erik: I need to study it

Philip: Me too

Steven: OK, next week then.

Test Suite 2.0


Steven: Nothing new to report.


Owen: We're developing large forms with collapsing.

Steven: Both techniques are doable.


Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Steven to add note to instance initialisation about submit-ready

Summary of Resolutions

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