Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force Teleconference

04 November 2021


cweidner, Fazio, Jennie, julierawe, kirkwood, Matthew_Atkinson, Rachael, Rain, Roy

Meeting minutes

<LisaSeemanKest_> Check in with all sub-groups and action requests

<LisaSeemanKest_> next item

Feedback - 2 people interested in joing the task force

Lisa expressed thanks to all those involved in making the slides etc.

Lisa felt that the fact that we offered ourselves as a useful resource was helpful and the workplace group are involved in diversity and they have follow ups for review

The workforce suggested quick ref card and training - Rain to follow up with what the time frames may be

Mental health group to review research and feedback - if any research groups have question - could ask them to link up

Julie wanted to remind Lisa and Rain - how to work with Coga - suggested one page sheet as a summary and offered to work on the idea

Lisa felt we needed to find out the time frame

Julie suggested it was asked in general with no urgency

Lisa mentioned the slides and wondered if there is a need to make the short summary but need time to review it as to what is actually needed

Julie just wanted to make sure everyone was aware there was a request for the one page summary

<LisaSeemanKest_> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-cognitive-a11y-tf/2021Nov/0006.html

Lisa mentioned that we need to work with APA in a little bit of a better way - 2 specifications - natural language interface and user requirements was one

Lisa went on to describe what Natural Language meant - speech recognition etc and considered this was an opportunity to engage. JK wrote an issue paper on speech recognition

Lisa mentioned that the second APA spec was on remote meetings - needs to also be reviewed

<Rain> I will be looking at them this week, as well

Lisa has offered to take a quick look and see if more time is needed

Lisa siad we have an Action item to improve communication between the two groups

Rain and Lisa will deal with the internationalisation item - Silver was also good - Lisa asled if there were any other points

<LisaSeemanKest_> next item

<LisaSeemanKest_> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/coga/wiki/Actions_Requests

Need to update survey status and review AG's process

<LisaSeemanKest_> next item

<LisaSeemanKest_> next item

<LisaSeemanKest_> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/AG_process

This has been added more as a reminder and items will be discussed in 2 weeks time. They have made steps for the various stages.

Need to participate in the steps - mature from stable

<LisaSeemanKest_> The chairs will send the PR to the working group through a survey and then discuss the results in the working group meeting.

If this cannot be achieved we will have problems and it will cause issues so please look at the document and provide feedback

<LisaSeemanKest_> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/wiki/AG_process

<kirkwood> btw: the diagram is quite good/helpful

<kirkwood> “Workflow diagram”

<LisaSeemanKest_> next item

Rachel will be on the call next week so can have her support on the next call

John K said the diagram was very helpful

<LisaSeemanKest_> next item

The different subgroups can be a bit overwhelming so possibly have the 2 hours after this call as a chance to discuss items - a block of time to give to coga subgroups each week

+1 sounds better to have them on the same day

Julie asked if this was changing the time to the same day - Thursdays rather than other days in the week

Lisa confirmed that there was a block of time for subgroups - may not be as long as 2 hours but at least have some time

Julie felt this might be a long time - cognitive load - a lot of time at one time

<cweidner> I think it makes coordination a bit easier to have a solid “working time” for the task force but doesn’t necessarily need to be after this meeting.

Is it really going to be 3 hours?

<Rain> +1 and I can do a poll for the Task Force to find the right time block

<kirkwood> +1

Lisa said you do not have to attend to all - just might make it easier than doing it on several days in the week. Does anyone dislike the idea?

<LisaSeemanKest_> next item

<LisaSeemanKest_> close item 5

<Matthew_Atkinson> Here's the link to the slides, video and minutes from our TPAC week 1 breakout session, in which we presented the full set of slides: https://www.w3.org/2021/10/TPAC/breakouts.html#Oct18-01 (the hash part of the URL may change, but it's the first session on this page anyway)

Lisa said the follow up with Matt is to help more users with the personalisation attributes.

Matt joined in the conversation

There is a full recording of the set of slides and meeting.

<Fazio> Isn't that a facebook tag line?

Matt went through the slides in Zoom and talked about the power of the adaptations they can make automatically with the help of authors - introduced 6 ttributes in the first part of the spec.

correct ttributes to attributes

Matt went through the attributes.

The attributes are not yet standard so dashes are being used.

<Fazio> is this scalable, or compressible to mobile?

Lisa asked - one to one mapping - can be more and much happens at the user end - codes and qualifiers - one through a browser extension and also adds code to a web apge

<Matthew_Atkinson> Here's a link to part of the latest spec, which covers these attributes: https://w3c.github.io/personalization-semantics/content/#purpose-explanation

web page]

Lisa added you can add different symbols - a lot of flexibility

Users could upload their own symbol sets.

<Jennie> +1 to EA, like the word read in its different meanings

<Rain> EA: If you have three many to many, choose the most likely based on the context E.g., “spring” could be the weather, a coil, or to jump

<Rain> Lisa: the symbols are not words, they are concepts, but there are IDs. 1263 is specific

<Rain> EA: correct, but the problem is that the numbers are different across different symbol sets. So we would need a universal number that the sets map their symbols to

<Jennie> Example: in an online text about another country

<Rain> EA: at the user end, they may come across a context where something is different. The user can be confounded by the amount available. So the context becomes important.

<Rain> Lisa: at the user agent level, can choose a symbol set as a default and how you want numbers displayed

<Rain> ... this will help us choose the symbol set if you don't have one

<Rain> ... and this will help you choose how you want it rendered

<Rain> ... all these things can be left to the user agent, not the specification

<Rain> EA: think we need to look at it really in depth, because there are some issues there even around the user choice. Needs to be carefully debated. Very aware that situations when working on web pages and looking at them, how you choice the symbols has implifications especially around simplification.

<Rain> EA: simplification alongside the symbols, very intertwined. Must happen together.

Thank you rain

<Rain> ... text even at a 12 year old level is still very difficult for making very good selections


sorry spelling!!

Matt will share developments in the future

Matt confirmed user needs will be paramount

Matt wants ot get it right and felt it was very near to being complete

Working with Steve Lee to provide examples

Lisa suggested the need to have advice - .svgs, contrast, no clutter, etc best practice for user agent, symbol set and author

Lisa - next step - taking 4 items... Matt?

Matt felt that he could not speak for personalisation but felt review of this part of the spec would help - technical review - feedback would help

Other modules - general issues around user needs - metadata to help

Lisa - Collect more questions - would this help Matt was asked - just the 4 concepts - email thread to Personalisation

<Jennie> +1 and to set up on multiple computers (home, work, mobile...)

matt mentioned - a proxy server as an option

matt - spectrum of users - a lot of possibilities - wondering if we have a small group together to meet up with personalisation group

<kirkwood> Wouldn’t it make sense to bring it to our group meeting?

Matt said need real examples first - then Lisa suggested we review - follow on meetings - Jennie will send email with remote users and firewalls

Lisa asking if we need to set up a google doc or wait for examples.

Lisa - do we need more code examples and/or more demos?

<Jennie> I would need time to think about that

Matt just working on a procedural idea as a recipe - Steve Lee working on it.

<julierawe> Have to leave for another meeting, thank you, Matt!

Jennie as if there was anyone from the Microsoft team on the subject

Thank you Matt

Lisa said if there are anymore comments - add to list

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