APA Personalization Task Force 23 Aug 2021

23 August 2021


becky, Charles!, CharlesL, fun, Have, janina, JF, Lionel_Wolberger, LisaSeemanKest, Matthew_Atkinson, mike_beganyi, mike_beganyi_, Roy, sharon
Lionel Wolberger

Meeting minutes

TPAC planning updates, https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/Meetings/TPAC_2021

<janina> lionel: Notes request to coord with COGA Facilitators; awaiting Rain's response

<janina> janina: Explains question of do we want all normative plus RQTF's AUR docs in one session?

<janina> lionel: Would want our issue resolved

<janina> janina: Suggests some ways to decide

<janina> lionel: Don't think we need more than enough to understand why we do symbols--suggest 10 minutes

<janina> lionel: Think we need 20 minutes for discussion

<janina> jf: Think minimum of 30; could be 45

<janina> jf: Suggests audience for Personalization is different from audience for Pronunciation

<janina> janina: Suggests we can consider in coord

<janina> CharlesL: Agrees with JF that 25 min too little

<janina> CharlesL: Expect we'll need to show examples and leave room for debate

<JF> +1 to charles - if we only use 40 minutes, no harm, no foul

<Lionel_Wolberger> Janina: The ePub meeting will focus on registries.

<Lionel_Wolberger> ... do we want to add Personalization to the agenda?

<janina> janina: Asks whether we need additional agendum with Epub; or simply suggest Breakout intro is important and should be attended

<janina> jf: Recalls additional eye fatigue requiring more reliance on SR AT as the day progresses

<janina> CharlesL: Believe there is lv benefit; specifically reducing on screen info, i.e. simplification

<Lionel_Wolberger_> Charles: Low vision would benefit from simplification

<janina> Lionel_Wolberger_: Do we need to verbalize for epub a rationale?

<janina> CharlesL: I think not; the general case is there

<Lionel_Wolberger_> CharlesL: Epub is already interested in Personalization, Charles represents epub in this ctee

<janina> Matthew_Atkinson: +1 to Chhls example

<janina> Matthew_Atkinson: also we've the beginning of tailored info presentation; so possibilities for future transformations

<CharlesL> +1 for other new opportunities with LV attending.

<janina> jf: We're proposing new techniques/tech for use in known or yet to be specified problems

<janina> jf: What problems can we solve with these techniques?

<janina> jf: COGA? We know. Other users? We just said LV. So, can we restate for wider appeal

<janina> janina: proposes draft invite email to list for additional reasons before we send along to Silver, Epub, and LV

<janina> [agreement]

<janina> Matthew_Atkinson: asks where to post presentation?

Blockers to CR? Summary and review of action items

<janina> lionel: github 144 still open -- no response yet

<janina> Lionel_Wolberger_: Asks john about issue 170

<janina> jf: Sent pr and note Sharon found some edits I missed?

<janina> sharon: Shoulwe review before merge?

<janina> sharon: can merge if we agree?

<janina> Lionel_Wolberger_: OK

Action: janina to provide the task force the messaging template for shawn's review

<trackbot> Created ACTION-92 - Provide the task force the messaging template for shawn's review [on Janina Sajka - due 2021-08-30].

Labelling the unlabelled issues in git

<sharon> https://github.com/w3c/personalization-semantics/issues

<janina> Lionel_Wolberger_: started doing but realized we should look as a group

<janina> Lionel_Wolberger_: see 4 unlabeled

<janina> github vs travis -- one we can leave

<janina> roy: that comes from W3C management--we can ignore

<janina> CharlesL: suggests something like 'admin'

<janina> janina: suggests a label that will be used again

<janina> Matthew_Atkinson: agree about reusability

<janina> Matthew_Atkinson: don't like 'misc' because it doesn't disclose anything

<janina> CharlesL: like 'process' because there will be others for sure

<janina> Lionel_Wolberger_: 'needs resolution'?

<janina> Matthew_Atkinson: notes 'implementation'

<Matthew_Atkinson> All the labels and their intended uses: https://github.com/w3c/personalization-semantics/labels

<janina> roy: explains what this issue is

<CharlesL> I would recoomend then "admin" things that Roy / Chairs must deal with

<janina> roy: explains it's not anything we can do, not even me or michael; it's for plh

<janina> roy: proposing w3c-tool

<janina> [agreement]

Summary of action items

  1. janina to provide the task force the messaging template for shawn's review
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