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13 August 2021


Jemma, Lauriat, PeterKorn, sajkaj, SuzanneTaylor, Wilco
Azlan, Sarah, Todd
jeanne, Lauriat
ChrisLoiselle, jeanne

Meeting minutes

<Chuck_> quantum regrets. I could attain a state during the call where I must leave, and it could occur w/o notice.

<ChrisLoiselle> we all get 100

<ChrisLoiselle> for attendance

Low Vision and Visual Contrast

Chris: we have a survey out to people interested for scheduling a meeting
… We are looking at Thursday at 11:00
… we are looking to use Github projects vs the issue tracker itself
… that is ready to go and just waiting whether we will have synchronous vs asynchronous
… main topic is supplemental guidance
… then Silver visual contrast and broaden beyond text

JS: Are you going to make any changes for the November heartbeat?

CL: Other than the Andy pull request we don't have anything new.

JS: We haven't been able to accept that pull request because of the complexity

CL: I think that is at the chairs & staff level

JS: I doubt it can get into August draft because it hasn't been presented to AG

JS: What do you think the relationship should be between LV and vision subgroup of Silver?

CL: I think the subgroup should be closed and liase with Low Vision

<PeterKorn> I have to drop at / just after the half hour

No disagreement

,zakim, take up next

User Generated Content update

Jeanne: Talks to outcome not passing on three part proposal.
… suggests editor's note

<sajkaj> https://rawgit.com/w3c/silver/User_Generated/guidelines/index.html#user-generated-content

Janina: Provides link to user generated link off of conference meeting had on topic
… Concept is not just websites . WCAG 3 is to think more broadly , i.e. mobile apps etc.

Janina: Wanted to follow up with Laura on topics raised. Laura didn't have issues on repetitive part. Accessibility statement placement should be in a more consistent more findable place.

Janina: Speaks to COGA and findable use of information , what are the suggestions here on accessibility statement placement, etc.

PeterK: Challenge is the location of accessibility statement . Ensures user generated content is accessible as possible, through prompting , etc.

PeterK: accessibility statement, if used, should be linked to page where content exists.

PeterK: Thoughts on accessibility statements is a discussion to come. Recommendation is to pursue that as a separate topic in of itself vs. content usable discussion topic.

Janina: I think we talked to that and is possibly in the minutes from yesterday's meeting.

<SuzanneT> I think we need to know how the user generated outcomes impact the standard outcomes, before we can effectively comment on the location of this notice

Janina: I think Laura's objection is raising it now rather than later.

Chuck: Wanted to talk to the fact about exceptions will be reviewed .

<SuzanneT> +1 to Chuck, until the scoring is all settled, the issue of exceptions will likely be raised (and rightly so, that is a valid concern)

Jeanne: Editor's note talks to user generated content. Link to editor's note: https://rawgit.com/w3c/silver/User_Generated/guidelines/index.html#issue-container-generatedID-17

<Jemma> my question about "Unless User Generated Content requirements are specified in a particular guideline, that guideline applies as written whether or not the content is User Generated." before the editor's note

Chuck: I like what is written.

Jemma: On editor's note, I have a question. "Unless User Generated Content requirements are specified in a particular guideline, that guideline applies as written whether or not the content is User Generated." before the editor's note

<Jemma> "Unless User Generated Content requirements are specified in a particular guideline, that guideline applies as written whether or not the content is User Generated."

Janina: Anytime we want to say content is user generated, we would list out guideline by guideline . What this is saying is that if there isn't something about user generated , it applies just as written.

Jemma: Maybe we need what you just stated in the editors note to make it understandable on applicability.

Janina: If it isn't there, it applies to whoever generated it.

Janina: Editor's note specifies that specific outcomes will apply, but we don't have one at moment .

Jemma: I hear the challenges to get this passed , as the error subgroup has same challenges.

Jeanne: Drop back to language that call for consensus spoke toward.

PeterK: does that we don't tackle the accessibility statement part?

Jeanne: Yes, that would mean that.

PeterK: When would CfC go out?

Jeanne: Soon.

Suzanne: Does that imply an exception ?

<SuzanneT> +1 to the note about the statement no making sense

PeterK: I see us recommending but also receiving a lot of feedback on the issue. I don't want to miss August draft though. But this topic needs work. The location requirements of an accessibility is not where to talk to this issue.

PeterK: Can we set a timebox on the topic of accessibility statement location ?

Chuck: Anything we do that may change CfC would nullify the CfC if it is a change. Pre CfC , we'd need to revisit the do you continue to support this.

PeterK: Anything beyond editorial, yes.

PeterK: Let us move forward with CfC and see where we are on the comments therafter.

Janina: I'm inclined to keep the editors note.

<Chuck_> +1 to rachael's idea

Jeanne: Whoever has seen the editors note, has not objected.

Janina: I would like that .

Chuck: plus 1

Janina: I think they need to be on a level on where they need to be.

Janina: I think we can talk to it in different places.

Reference https://www.w3.org/WAI/planning/statements/generator/#preview

<jeanne> https://www.w3.org/WAI/planning/statements/generator/

<Zakim> SuzanneT, you wanted to suggest coupling a survey with the heartbeat


Accessibility statements should be easy to find. Linking them from several places, such as from the footer, help menu, sitemap, about page, and other prominent areas helps users to find them. Use consistent link names for your accessibility statements to help users recognize them. This includes link names across the content of your website and mobile applications, and across groups of related websites and mobile applications. For

example, use the same link name on all web pages to refer to an accessibility statement for that website, and use that same link name to refer to the accessibility statement of the mobile application version of the website.

Suzanne: On heartbeat , perhaps we talk to this on where it is placed in a survey.

<Chuck_> sorry, gotta fly

Jeanne: Survey is typically not how we receive feedback on these type issues on drafts. It is an interesting idea.

Jeanne: Subgroup for accessibility statements?

ShawnL: May be premature.

The team that wrote the accessibility statement link on w3c is Project Team: Shadi Abou-Zahra, Eric Velleman, Sanne Eendebak, Roel Antonisse, and Bas de Bruin for reference's sake.

<SuzanneT> +1 to group to focus on accessibility statements

Jeanne: I will do draft of statement.

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