WoT Scripting API

19 July 2021


Cristiano_Aguzzi, Daniel_Peintner, Kaz_Ashimura, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Zoltan_Kis

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Quick Updates / Questions

Vacation plans

Cristiano: maybe middle of August

Zoltan: on vacatation right now

Mizushima: beginning of September
… I can even join since it is night time in Japan

Publication plans

Daniel: I don't think we are in hurry

Zoltan: Started work on discovery
… should converge on discovery first
… maybe updated note in autumn

Cristiano: +1
… collect more substantial changes


Publish Thing Description schema and Types in another npm package


Daniel: Cristiano proposes to split TD and API changes

Cristiano: Issue related to WebThings io work I am doing
… versioning scheme is not very clear

Daniel: add historical changes section

Zoltan: managed version?
… version the source

Cristiano: TD does not publish on NPM

Cristiano: I can try to work on the split
… NPM needs to be done by DanieLP

Should writeProperty() return a value


Daniel: interoperability with ECHONET is important here

Kaz: working on ECHONET binding
… might take longer

observeallproperties and unobserveallproperties methods are missing


Cristiano: WebThings can get all events
… in this case binding acts already
… the need is to capture this situation in scripting
… difficult to know whether to re-open connection

Zoltan: can provide convenience API
… subscribe all events / properties
… explain exception
… one can do with one or many requests
… observeAll present and runtime can decide wheteh to use binding or loop

Cristiano: if binding does not support observeAll we can also throw error
… makes clear what the binding supports

Zoltan: we could do both.. having option
… observeAll is like convenience method
… convenience methods easier to maintain
… having option "strict" w.r.t. to TD op's

Cristiano: Wonder whether this is better done in utility library
… we use strict always
… similar to observeProperty .. binding not supporting observing

Zoltan: seems a bit different to me
… strict way by default but can be relaxed

Cristiano: should stick to one rule
… strict to operation

Zoltan: can add interaction-options in the future if there is interest

Daniel: still have binding issue

Zoltan: miss next Monday

<kaz> [adjourned]

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