Internationalization Working Group Teleconference

15 July 2021


Addison, Atsushi, Bert, David, Fuqiao, JcK, Peter, Richard
Addison Phillips
addison, xfq

Meeting minutes

trackbot, prepare teleconference

Agenda Review

addison: anything to add to the agenda?

Action Items


addison: one of our issues is related to backwards deletion


<trackbot> action-1034: Addison Phillips to Triage awaiting comment resolution items -- due 2021-06-24 -- OPEN


<trackbot> action-1038: Richard Ishida to Create repo for developing-localizable-manifests -- due 2021-07-01 -- OPEN

close action-1038

<trackbot> Closed action-1038.


<trackbot> action-1042: Addison Phillips to Remind members to review techniques/authoring-html-new for next telecon -- due 2021-07-08 -- OPEN

close action-1042

<trackbot> Closed action-1042.


<trackbot> action-1044: Addison Phillips to Contact plh about webauthn issues and how to handle them -- due 2021-07-08 -- OPEN

close action-1044

<trackbot> Closed action-1044.


<trackbot> action-1045: Addison Phillips to Draft issues on webauth#sctn-strings-langdir -- due 2021-07-08 -- OPEN

close action-1045

<trackbot> Closed action-1045.


<trackbot> action-1046: Addison Phillips to Add mustard warning against unicode language tag characters to string-meta -- due 2021-07-15 -- OPEN

close action-1046

<trackbot> Closed action-1046.


<trackbot> action-1047: Addison Phillips to File issues against webauthn and ping plh when complete -- due 2021-07-15 -- OPEN

close action-1047

<trackbot> Closed action-1047.

Info Share

fuqiao: google docs will move from html rendering to canvas-based rendering
… made a new text rendering engine vs. using content-editable
… includes complex text layout (bidi, etc. etc.)
… complex features developed at W3C will be reimplemented?


fuqiao: tencent docs also did this; made a preso about how they implemented a11y features

RADAR Review


<r12a> https://github.com/w3c/htmlwg/issues/17

r12a: looked at the i18n issues they pointed out

addison: we're building up a number of "Completed"
… do we want to close them?

r12a: we see open and closed issues in the Completed column
… the 'close?' tag is no longer relevant when the issue is moved to Completed

addison: the action is somebody should go through the Completed column and close the issues

Action: addison: close open completed reviews

<trackbot> Created ACTION-1049 - Close open completed reviews [on Addison Phillips - due 2021-07-22].

Web Authentication Update

addison: I attended the web authentication meeting
… they will immediately remove the section we're unhappy with
… i18n WG will contribute a PR
… we talked about a few things
… there are some limitations
… i'm currently holding the action to write the PR
… we will review the PR in this group before we send it to web authentication

r12a: well done

addison: a couple of people understand the importance of i18n support

String-Meta PR for Unicode tag characters






r12a: typo: langauge

r12a: otherwise looks good to me

addison: made the glossary cleaner, consistent
… re-arranged the order

JcK: not just in W3C, but also in IETF and Unicode Consortium

[Unicode] says that the "... use of tag characters to convey language tags is strongly discouraged" and that the use of the character U+E0001 LANGUAGE TAG is strongly discouraged. The only current use of characters in this block of Unicode is to form various flag emoji.

addison: Unicode says that the use of tag characters to convey language tags is strongly discouraged

r12a: i'll be inclined to omit the last sentence

addison: any objection on removing that sentence?

Peter: in § 5.3.3 it says "Unicode tag characters are strongly deprecated by the Unicode Consortium"
… they only say "strongly discouraged" instead of "strongly deprecated"

r12a: "deprecated" and "discourage" do not mean the same thing in W3C too

Use of Unicode tag characters for language identification are strongly discouraged by the Unicode Consortium (and thus deprecated).

JcK: +1

Peter: +1

<David> +1

Action: addison: merge string-meta changes pending richard's review of the glossary changes

<trackbot> Created ACTION-1050 - Merge string-meta changes pending richard's review of the glossary changes [on Addison Phillips - due 2021-07-22].

DOMException localizability


addison: localization of exceptions


addison: I tend to think we should make exceptions localizable
… how do we want to address this?

<Peter> Unicode deprecation of language tagging: http://www.unicode.org/versions/Unicode13.0.0/ch23.pdf#G30427

<atsushi> https://heycam.github.io/webidl/#idl-DOMException

<r12a> https://heycam.github.io/webidl/

(and in TR at https://www.w3.org/TR/WebIDL/#idl-DOMException)

addison: should we file the equivalent comment for Geolocation to Web IDL?

r12a: language and direction, right?

addison: that's right

xfq: should we add metadata to the interface?
… as optional attributes?

addison: preferably not optional

"present but optional"

addison: the field should be there, but the value can be optional


<r12a> https://github.com/heycam/webidl/issues/996

r12a: do we create a new issue or do we extend the issue marcos filed?

addison: I think it's better to file separate specific issues

Action: addison: file issues about DOMException against WebIDL to add metadata and to provide for localizability

<trackbot> Created ACTION-1051 - File issues about domexception against webidl to add metadata and to provide for localizability [on Addison Phillips - due 2021-07-22].


put to top in next week


r12a: wrote a report on the i18n sponsorship program

Summary of action items

  1. addison: close open completed reviews
  2. addison: merge string-meta changes pending richard's review of the glossary changes
  3. addison: file issues about DOMException against WebIDL to add metadata and to provide for localizability
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