The <assess> element

Parent element: <listen>

By default, an assessment application should assess all notes without a <cue> child element, and not assess any note with a <cue> child element. The <assess> element allows this default assessment to be overridden for individual notes.


Always empty.


Name Type Required? Description
type yes-no Yes If yes, the note should be assessed; if no, it should not be assessed. If not specified, it is no for notes with a <cue> child element and yes otherwise.
player IDREF No Restricts the type to apply to a single player. If missing, the type applies to all players. It references the id attribute of a <player> element defined within the matching <score-part>.
time-only time-only No Restricts the type to apply to a set of times through a repeated section. If missing, the type applies all times through the repeated section.


This element is used in the following examples:

<assess> and <player>