WoT Testfest - Day 2

08 June 2021


Andrea_Cimmino, Christian_Glomb, Cristiano_Aguzzi, Daniel_Peintner, Ege_Korkan, Farshid_Tavakolizadeh, Kaz_Ashimura, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_McCool, Philipp_Blum, Ryuichi_Matsukura, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Tomoaki_Mizushima

Meeting minutes


<kaz> June-7

McCool: they look good

McCool: any objections to publish the minutes?
… minor problem with how "action" is recorded
… ok minutes approved

Agenda updates

McCool: we have two prs

mc adding two points in the agenda


PR 131

<kaz> PR 131 - Add Github Action to validate new TDs

McCool: it adds a github action

Daniel: I am pretty sure that the action will kick in only for new prs

Cristiano: some actions can be run manually
… not this one

McCool: let's try

PR 133

<kaz> PR 133 - feat: add Siemens TDs and TMs files

McCool: merging
… ege does the playground handle TMs?

Ege: no

McCool: is it easy to add?

Ege: yeah it is possible, just annoying from a design prospective

McCool: we are just interested to the script
… is there a way to do it?

Ege: yes
… however it is not just a simple validation so it might get tricky later on
… but we can add a script dedicated to TMs

McCool: we can collaborate with farshid to add it

Ege: I want to add this feature in a consistent way
… but I can write a dedicated script outside the playground

Daniel: yeah we can just use ajv with our new schema

McCool: I let you guys to choose the optimal way to solve this issue

TD Testing

<kaz> TDs so far

McCool: we only have intel and siemens TDs
… who else has plan to submit TDs ?

Ege: I am

McCool: I am worried about not having a good amount of TDs

Ege: small warning: some early TDs submitted by Mathias were autogenerated and had weird security schemes.

McCool: where are they located?

Ege: maybe under testfests

<kaz> (McCool look into the active.csv file then)

<kaz> active.csv (which lists expected TDs from the group)

McCool: can you find them?

Cristiano: should I add also wot farm TDs? they are generated by node-wot

McCool: good question

Ege: yeah we discussed about grouping TDs by implementation not organization. But there were some resistance a while ago

McCool: I'll add a column keep track of the implementation

farshid: why don't move this column first?

Ege: +1

McCool: we actually care about different implementation from different companies

McCool: custom code/implementation need unique name

McCool: still think to collect more TDs as possible even from node-wot
… so please if you have them just add it to the repository

Ege: some dubts about naming implementations, what if I use a tech in a slightly different way?

McCool: if you do custom coding based on a technology use a different identifier, just be mindful (i.e. if two implemantations share a lot of code use one id)

McCool: geolocation is even more special, it is not an implementation

farshid: sorry any concerns about the PRs?

McCool: can you add manual trigger?
… another stuff is to handle also TM

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