WoT Testfest - Day 1

07 June 2021


Andrea_Cimmino, Cristiano_Aguzzi, Daniel_Peintner, Ege_Korkan, Farshid_Tavakolizadeh, Kaz_Ashimura, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_McCool, Philipp_Blum, Ryuichi_Matsukura, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Vlad_Baluta
dape, kaz

Meeting minutes

Guests/New participant

(Vlad is new to the meeting)

Vlad: (gives his introduction)

Testing repo

<McCool> https://github.com/w3c/wot-testing

McCool: Review of testing repo structure
… goal is collect testing data
… outcome is test report
… we have report.html template
… contributions are to be filled in
… capture TDs
… make sure TDs are validated
… use TDs to update implementation report
… there is a pending PR #1155
… provides test report generator
… report lists implementations
… moreover there is a table report... output of validator
… need to re-run the tests
… red columns show gaps
… pink .. is failure.. but not fatal
… need 2 implementations for each feature
… e.g., TM tests are to be done

Minutes approval


McCool: looked at TD report template
… any objections?

--> approved

<kaz> May-26

McCool: minutes 2 weeks ago
… 2 consumers and exposers needed
… merged PR 125

--> approved minutes May-26

TD Testing

McCool: open PR w.r.t. Intel, see https://github.com/w3c/wot-testing/pull/127
… geolocation data might be manually updated
… I think we can merge it... it goes under Intel sub-directory
… active.csv file was updated also

Farshid: Previous template used a different strategy
… have sync script .. that based on the old strategy

McCool: I see.. let's not break tools

McCool: the change is there since we have multiple deliverables
… each deliverable has a dedicated directory

Farshid: TDs used across all deliverables ?

McCool: Maybe, we can rename it

Sebastian: Where to put thing models?

McCool: under TD folder?
… or use different suffix

McCool: previous event had TDs ad TMs directory
… let's do the same
… rename "Data" to TD

Farshid: still requires fixing my script

McCool: Yes, one level deeper this time

McCool: let's also create TMs directory
… we have TD directory with TDs and TMs sub-directory

<kaz> wot-testing/events/2021.06.Online/TD which has TDs and TMs as sub-directories

McCool: people should start adding TDs and such
… more work to do on templates/report.html
… we also need to clean-up (manual) assertions
… for each implementation we need a description what it is about
… like testimonials

McCool: besides description there is a table .. with organization, name and roles
… need to figure out also which implementation is still active

Kaz: I am wondering about the structure
… should clarify who puts what in which repo's directory

McCool: Need to track input from different sources
… need 2 implementations for each feature
… would be ideal having 2 implementations from different organizations
… w.r.t TD
… we need to collect TDs and/or TMs
… everyone can follow Intel template

Ege: Everyone should check TDs before providing PR

<sebastian> +1

Farshid: we could create GitHub action to validate PRs
… fairly easy if we have the right to do so

Kaz: technically we can setup something like pr-preview

<Ege> td playground: https://github.com/thingweb/thingweb-playground

<Ege> http://plugfest.thingweb.io/playground/ is the hosted version

<Ege> there is an update going on right now

McCool: Yes, script should look at file extension also

Farshid: I can try to setup the process

Ege: Can point FT to tool
… playground is up-to-date

McCool: Okay FT/EK/Kaz will work on setting up this process
… what about the TD version?
… WD and ED should be very much the same

Action: Farshid, Ege and Kaz to work on setting up a GitHub action for validation

Kaz: I finalized publication recently
… everyone can use public version

McCool: main branch is ahead of 30 commits.. are there any significant changes?
… my tool is working with branches more easily ... than with subdirectories
… I would suggest to work against main...

Kaz: I checked diff ... saw some schema definition bug fixes
… yes, latest editor draft should be fine

McCool: Action to everyone: Add TDs and devices

Action: all to add TDs and devices for Testfest

<kaz> [adjourned]

Summary of action items

  1. Farshid, Ege and Kaz to work on setting up a GitHub action for validation
  2. all to add TDs and devices for Testfest
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