WoT Use Cases

11 May 2021


Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Lagally, Michael_McCool, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Soumya_Kanti_Datta, Tomoaki_Mizushima

Meeting minutes

Publication preparation

McCool: we should create a branch to fix the current content for publication

Kaz: +1

Lagally: ok
… let's do that offline

Previous minutes

Kaz: 3 minutes to be reviewed




Lagally: any problems with Mar-9 ones?


Lagally: what about Apr-13?
… discussion on the ITU-T liaison
… any concerns?


Lagally: then May-4
… anything to be changed?


[all the three minutes approved]

wot-security issue 168

wot-security issue 168 - Add "Security and Privacy Considerations" to all use cases (or requirements)

McCool: I should set a standard for this purpose
… for the security/privacy questions

Security/Privacy questions

Lagally: seems some of the questions are kind of abstract
… what should the Editors consider?

McCool: depends on the use cases

Lagally: we should clarify our expectations for the guideline

McCool: yes, and the next step should be generating a concrete PR for the text

related issue 84 on the wot-usecases side

Lagally: (adds a comment to Issue 84)

Lagally's comment

Issue 45

Issue 45 - Review EdgeX Architecture

McCool: what do they need is a question
… for the possible hub section within the WoT Architecture spec

related wot-architecture issue 585 - Architectural patterns: Introduce star(hub) vs. p2p section

(Sebastian leaves)

Lagally: (adds comments to wot-usecases issue 45)

Lagally's comments

ITU-T liaison

McCool: we sent a liaison statement suggesting we have a dedicated meeting with their experts
… they'll have their meeting on May 17-27
… to discuss our proposal

Kaz's liaison letter

McCool: note that there is another discussion on a potential group for JSON-LD Signature

Lagally: a W3C group?

McCool: yes

Linked Data Signature Charter proposal

McCool: do we want to have a TD signature?

Lagally: (shows the draft proposed Charter)

Proposed Linked Data Signatures Working Group Charter

<mlagally> https://w3c.github.io/lds-wg-charter/index.html

Lagally: (skims the proposed Charter)
… we should look at their expected timeline as well

McCool: absolutely
… the timing when they'll produce what would be related to our future work as well

Use Case proposal from Soumya

Kaz: are the slides publicly available?

Soumya: yes, and will send them to you all
… [IntellioT - Concepts and Use cases]
… [EU Project Participants]
… [NG IoT Use Cases]
… [Concept]
… high-level concept here
… IoT applications on the left side
… computation, communication infrastructure on the right side
… using AR/VR technology for human interfaces
… Eurecom is providing 5G connection
… [Use case 1: Agriculture]
… [Use cas 2: Healthcare]
… most important use case for WoT, I think
… the patients are equipped with some wearable devices
… this use case is very important to WoT because it includes various aspects for WoT
… [Use case 3: Manufacturing]
… orchestration of multiple devices including robots
… robot may encounter a thing which it have never seen yet
… so human operator can add support
… would like to generate descriptions for WoT Use Cases
… any questions?

Lagally: timeline?

Soumya: shows a timeline
… [Planned Work]
… start in Oct 2020
… End-user workshop 1: Mar-Apr 2021
… open call 1: Oct 2021
… use case demos 1: Feb 2022
… end-user workshop 2: May-Jun 2022
… open call 2: Oct 2022

McCool: there is an existing use case description for edge computing and smart cities, etc.
… please look into them
… learning from the actual situation is interesting
… web workers, etc., for edge computing might be also interesting to you
… low-latency with reliability for robot is important

Lagally: we have existing use cases as McCool mentioned
… would be important for you to look into them and think about orthogonal proposals

McCool: use cases are written from the users' view

<Zakim> kaz, you wanted to mention the upcoming smart cities workshop


Kaz: agree with McCool and Lagally. you can generate several possible use cases from the viewpoints of users and industries first, and then generate some more horizontal/technical use cases and requirements based on those initial use cases. possibly a good topic for the upcoming Smart Cities Workshop as well.

Lagally: let's talk about the horizontal use cases and requirements
… please put down what are in your mind
… AOB?


Lagally: thanks a lot for your proposals, Soumya!
… the next Use Cases call will be held in 2 weeks on May 25
… btw, due to the holiday in Germany, the Architecture call on May 13 will be cancelled
… will send a notice about that


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