05 May 2021


Cristiano_Aguzzi, Daniel_Peintner, Ege_Korkan, Fady_Salama, Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Koster, Michael_McCool, Sebastian_Kaebisch, Tomoaki_Mizushima, Victor_Charpenay

Meeting minutes

agenda review

<kaz> Agenda for today

Sebastian: focus on review of PRs and prepare for final document review

McCool: issue #940, question around signing

minutes review from last meeting

<kaz> Apr-28

Sebastian: walking through the PRs that we reviewed last week

Sebastian: we decided to allow as much of JSON schema as we can, and include the missing terms

McCool: there were also some arbitrary extension points that we discussed
… we should not allow extensions because it prevents good checking for typos

Sebastian: discussion on selection where multiple forms are present
… discussion on URI variables
… PR for tmRequired and tmRef
… there will be a new namespace and prefix convention for TM
… they will be tm:required and tm:ref using the new namspace

Sebastian: does the SDF use of required apply to anything or just interactions?

Koster: sdfRequired can point to any JSON node, including interactions and sdfChoice (enum) elements

Sebastian: minutes themselves have been approved


Sebastian: call for review after this TD call, and we're planning to publish the updated TD draft May 19

Sebastian: we can add a sentence to clarify the use of tm:required

PR reviews

PR 937

<kaz> PR 937 - WIP: swap securtiy and securityDefinition in context file

Sebastian: #937

PR 943

<kaz> PR 943 - WIP: Add proof and proofChain sections

Sebastian: #943

McCool: we are rebasing the PR so should close this one

McCool: the new PR will be based on issue #940

PR 1085

<kaz> PR 1085 - WIP: Add Validation Section

Sebastian: Validation section

McCool: could merge but the tagging is not done yet

Sebastian: agree to merge
… maybe we could think more about the naming of the categories

McCool: we could change it to minimum + basic

McCool: will add an editor note about the tagging and make the name change

PR 1120 - validation for icon links

<kaz> PR 1120

Cristiano: it validates the size metadata

Cristiano: adds a validation rule when sizes is present

PR 1121 - introduce profile term

<kaz> PR 1121

Sebastian: optional term for indicating the profile mechanism, URI pointing to a wot profile

Ege: it could be an array with "and" validation of all profiles
… the definition should have a statement about how multiple profiles are applied
… a consumer may only need to support one of the offered profiles

McCool: a producer may support more than one profile at the same time
… need to add this explanation to the profile specification

Sebastian: there could be a question of which form to consume when there are multiple choices in forms

Koster: the profile may inform that, do we need to provide additional guidance in the spec?

McCool: probably can leave it up to the consumer

dape: why doesn't the shape for interaction affordances have an order number?

Victor: it is intended to allow any or none (?)

PR 937 (revisited)

<kaz> PR 937 - WIP: swap securtiy and securityDefinition in context file

Sebastian: why does securityDefinitions not appear in the ontology?

McCool: it may be a mistake in the file

McCool: it could be incorrectly generated

Victor: securityDefinitions is just a container, like definitions in JSON schemas
… it's only a reference

McCool: there is confusion between the information model and the serialization

<victor> https://w3c.github.io/wot-thing-description/#thing

McCool: when converted to RDF, they are all flattened to the same RDF property

McCool: for canonicalization, we need to preserve all of the nodes in the original document
… it's probaby easier to pass them through round trip rather than regenerate

Victor: should the information model then be changed?

McCool: there is the same issue with named dataschemas in additional responses

Victor: what changes need to be made?

McCool: start with the rendering

McCool: we may want to change security to allow objects for names schemes

Victor: it would align better with RDF

Sebastian: this isn't critical for the specification

McCool: it blocks progress due to the dataschema issue

Victor: can provide a TD normalization script

McCool: sounds similar to canonicalization

McCool: we can discuss offline and track on the issue tracker

Sebastian: should we involve JSON-LD people?

Sebastian: it seems related to #1077

PR 1104 - Data schema issues

<kaz> PR 1104 - Address multiple DataSchema issues

Sebastian: adds a new term "default"

Sebastian: adds a note on the "format" term being removed in future versions

Ege: it has been replaced in JSON schema with a new vocabulary feature which we could continue to use

<McCool> @dape that's what I did, not rendering. Trying "section" (that is what is done in architecture)

Sebastian: also adds "pattern" term for constraints using regex

<Ege> https://json-schema.org/understanding-json-schema/reference/regular_expressions.html

McCool: use of regex should exclude script execution

McCool: the JSON schema subset is reasonable

McCool: maybe we could just use the regex subset definition text on the JSON schema website

<McCool> mm: probably the solution is to copy that text into our spec, but we need to ask for permission to do so

Sebastian: merge conflict...
… merged

PR 1085 - Add Validation

<kaz> PR 1085

McCool: added the editors note for no tags and changed the validation category names

Sebastian: ready to merge?

PR 1113 tm:required and tm:ref

<kaz> PR 1113

Ege: implementation of this PR is in the script that generates the files

PR 1122 - terminology

<kaz> PR 1122

Sebastian: merge conflict resolved
… merged

PR 1123 - tm namespace

<kaz> PR 1123

Sebastian: new tm namespace and ontology
… initially we have only three concepts but more will be added
… reviewing changes in the rendered document

Sebastian: added a rule that extended definitions must be valid wrt the base definition
… merged

PR 1124 - canonicalization

<kaz> PR 1124

Sebastian: adds some clarifications

McCool: addressed some issues and bugs

Sebastian: merge conflicts, mm will fix and merge

Working draft review

Sebastian: take the next 2 weeks to review this document for working draft publication

Sebastian: still some remaining issues

McCool: we are working on a signing section and have some proposals

Issue 940

McCool: will make a PR that we can comment on

Sebastian: any other issues to look at?

<kaz> (none)

<kaz> [adjourned]

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