Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

10 February 2021


janina, jasonjgw, joconnor, JPaton, scott_h, SteveNoble

Meeting minutes

RAUR: preparing for publication of wide review draft.

<joconnor> JS: I have some administrivia

Zoom Enhancement for Transcripts Available

<joconnor> JS: We have the ability to Live transcriptions

<joconnor> They are of high quality - better located - TTY scroll

<joconnor> People are liking it - we should have a look and enable it.

<joconnor> SH: How is it turned on?

<joconnor> JS: The host has the power

<joconnor> JP: There is a claim host button

<joconnor> <josh can't do it on mobile>

<joconnor> <John Paton tried>

<joconnor> JS: Lets follow up with Michael.

<joconnor> SH: Good to see a useful solution.

<joconnor> JOC: It is

<joconnor> JS: There is also a CFC on the APA charter coming soon.

<joconnor> JW: Charter looks good

XAUR: discussion prior to preparing for publication of wide review draft.

RAUR: preparing for publication of wide review draft.

jgw: Closing on a few remaining concerns, but moving well

sh: Remains very good place, just some nits

jo: Thanks all around!

jo: Will work on it this week, also on messaging to go with a publication

jgw: And we'll call for wide review

jo: How about two weeks for the agenda?

jgw: OK

XAUR: discussion prior to preparing for publication of wide review draft.

`jgw: Plan was to move to XAUR review this week again in prep for wide review publication

jgw: Any questions?

<joconnor> JOC: Janina, dont we need to close the gap with Immersive Web on this?

<SteveNoble> need to step away from the call for 3 minutes

jgw: Expectation is XR group can review in parallel with our wide review

W3C Workshop on Wide Color Gamut and High Dynamic Range for the Web (continued).

<SteveNoble> I'm back

jgw: Began discussing last week; expectation we should participate

<joconnor> JS: Are we too late for proposals?

<joconnor> JW: Feb 8th was deadline..

<joconnor> JW: What should we do?

<Judy> JB: Might as well try to get a proposal in...

<joconnor> JS: We have two interesting applications here..

<joconnor> Daltonization - and the user agent control of flashing.

<joconnor> We have discussed this is a little on APA planning call

<joconnor> There are others, that we could move into user agent responsibility.

<joconnor> Putting the load on the user agent and not the author.

<joconnor> Michael outlined something sensible with the FAST

<joconnor> We can do a gap analysis a la FAST on this

<joconnor> User agents can support some user needs here.

<joconnor> JB: Is flash mitigation a colour issue?

<joconnor> Daltonization is..

<joconnor> JB: There are computizational aspects here that can be mediated..

<joconnor> The flash issue may be more complex

<joconnor> JS: Especially in Real Time Comms.

<joconnor> JB: It can be done live- I've seen it. Nice work by Boris Katz and Andrei Barbu at MIT CSAIL on use of a sandbox approach for flash mitigation

<joconnor> JW: This should be go via APA process

<joconnor> JS: We dont have members with these specific low vision or colour related chops. Scott?

<joconnor> JS: We may bring this up to WAI-CC etc

<joconnor> <discusses liason with other groups and spec review etc>

<joconnor> JB: Bring that up today?

<joconnor> JS: Will do.

<joconnor> JS: Yup, this is an APA thing due to spec review needs.

jo: Suggests pinging Alastair for color issues; also contrast

<joconnor> JOC: Alistair Campelll could be worth talking to about this.

<joconnor> JB: I'd also be interested in talking about this..

jb: Also interested

<joconnor> JOC: I'll ping Alistair to see if he is interested

Action: Josh to ping Alistair C to see if he is interested in contributing to W3C colour workshop

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2281 - Ping alistair c to see if he is interested in contributing to w3c colour workshop [on Joshue O Connor - due 2021-02-17].

jo: Will check with Alastair; and JB whether still time

Accessibility of remote meetings and relationship with other W3C/WAI deliverables.

jgw: Believe we agreed to discuss next steps

jb: have questions

<Judy> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/task-forces/research-questions/wiki/Accessibility_of_Remote_Meetings

jb: notes high number of items on page

jb: Suggests summary of applicable WCAG guidance; with 2 subsections incl future guidelines -- ssuggest move the latter out

jb: various item cleanup needed; quality and coverage in current draft uneven

jb: Looking for funding to assign someone this job

jb: Whether this could be a Workshop is now an open question

jb: But, not usable in current state

jb: Asks SH if available to work on doc

jb: Several possible approaches to divide and conquer

sh: Yes, interested

sh: Constantly asked about this

sh: Would be delighted, happy to follow guidance

jb: Thanks!

jb: Suggests followup conversation


jb: Asks any objections?

jgw: Sounds good

jb: Looks to define approach

jgw: Asks JO for any questions related to RAUR

<joconnor> JS: I'm aware that there are new next gen communication platforms, that relate to hyrid meetings.

<joconnor> The industry will want to meet this challenge

<joconnor> JB: Thats a given.

<joconnor> JB: Sounds like you have ideas for this.

<joconnor> SH: In our Perth a11y camp, that will be hybrid event.

<joconnor> I can provide feedback on that.

sh: Notes will be doing hybrid in a few weeks--will have experience to contribute

<joconnor> JOC: Good to hear feedback from Judy and Scott on this

jb: Notes that Workshops can be lots of work; so outcomes need to be worth the effort

jgw: Notes many interdependencies

jgw: EO, APA, spec WGs at W3C, outside standards and pwd groups, etc

jb: Would like to continue using this page as a launching platform for ongoing work

sh: Used wiki to Word, other direction took more time

sh: when CAPTCH review ...

jgw: Understand action to revise existing Wiki and also possible event

jb: Back on agenda in two weeks?

sh: My event is 23rd

jb: will look for time

Continuing work on media synchronization.

jgw: Notes we got lots done, we need to pickit up

steve: I've been adding to the page; there's more to look at

steve: So far, just lip reading use case; caption is another issue

steve: Good research done by BBC

steve: But BBC research done with regular users of "subtitles" as called in Europe; not individuals whose first language is sign

steve: Notes distinction among those whose first lang is sl, vs verbal language and its captioning

steve: Also need to look more at prerecorded vis a vis live

jb: Asks about EO's doc, whose use is way up ...

<Judy> https://www.w3.org/WAI/media/av/

<Judy> Making Audio and Video Media Accessible is a W3C WAI resource, https://www.w3.org/WAI/media/av/

Summary of action items

  1. Josh to ping Alistair C to see if he is interested in contributing to W3C colour workshop
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