Internationalization Working Group Teleconference

21 January 2021


addison, Atsushi, Bert, David, Richard
Felix, Fuqiao
Addison Phillips

Meeting minutes

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Agenda Review

Action Items



<trackbot> action-985: Richard Ishida to Study css 3775 for future action -- due 2020-12-17 -- OPEN

close action-985

<trackbot> Closed action-985.

richard: close 3775


<trackbot> action-986: Addison Phillips to File an issue on miniapp manifest about i18n architecture -- due 2021-01-14 -- OPEN

close action-986

<trackbot> Closed action-986.


<trackbot> action-987: Fuqiao Xue to Ping miniapp editors to origanize call if needed -- due 2021-01-14 -- OPEN

close action-987

<trackbot> Closed action-987.


<trackbot> action-988: Addison Phillips to Update comment on appmanifest 920 mentioning the abnf problems -- due 2021-01-14 -- OPEN


close action-988

<trackbot> Closed action-988.

Bert: agendabot works again!

richard: two pieces of info
… exploring at request of ralph and others that we find a way to use w3.org urls for all docs
… including those that are only in github
… means creating proxies that point to "places that don't exist"
… as part of the solution will do reorg, such as creating site-map page

richard: had some problems publishing arabic gap analysis doc
… when pubing with echidna, it builds doc and then publishes
… but github content wasn't making the timeout
… fixed for now
… realized that a bunch of other docs need publishing as EDs
… such as Adlam
… some as FPWD e.g. French, Hebrew, etc.
… some have got ahead of TR
… telling you because propose FPWD
… will send email in week

<r12a> https://w3c.github.io/alreq/gap-analysis/

David: webhooks from github to trigger it?

RADAR Review


richard: spoke to two groups
… one was EFF
… small group thinking about raising issues related to the rights of rtl users
… not as easy to use as ltr
… they claimed unicode and css didn't support?
… went to their meeting, will try to help them
… perhaps quite useful
… we talk to folks from middle east and they don't believe they can change the world
… having soeone say "it's a right" might be helpful pressure

richard: other group I met was IEEE in India
… they have a group putting together a list of standards related to i18n
… heavily web biased, but not just web
… transactions, speech, lang tech
… some is similar to gap analysis work
… attended a meeting last year as well
… see what comes! perhaps kick start indic again



Bert to update comment



Action: atsushi: review "needs-attention" issues marked "close?" and close as appropriate

<trackbot> Created ACTION-990 - Review "needs-attention" issues marked "close?" and close as appropriate [on Atsushi Shimono - due 2021-01-28].


Summary of action items

  1. atsushi: review "needs-attention" issues marked "close?" and close as appropriate
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