WCAG 3.0 progress

… the long road to a new model

Alastair Campbell

What is WCAG 3.0?

"AG" abbreviation for Accessibility Guidelines presented as a chemical symbol representing "Silver"

Where is the work done?

Bubble diagram of W3C org, showing top to bottom: The W3C, Director, Membership, Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, Silver Task Force and Sub-Groups.

When is the work happening?

The timeline from 2016, the official start, to 2023 when it is intended to become a recommendation.

Research findings

Working Group & Silver Leadership

Jeanne Spellman,
Silver Task-Force Facilitator

Rachael Montgomery,

Shawn Lauriat,
Silver Task-Force Facilitator

Michael Cooper,
W3C staff contact

Alastair Campbell,

Charles Adams,

WCAG 3.0 Goals

Based on the research which lead to the Silver requirements:

WCAG 3.0 Goals (2)

WCAG 3.0
guideline example

Structure of the Guidelines

Example Guideline - Text alternatives

Structure of:
Text alternatives Method

Screenshot of the method for alt text, select the link above for the content.

Structure of:
Text alternatives How to

Screenshot of the Alt text how-to, select the link above for the content.

Scoring atomic tests

Testing is scoped to either a view, or a process. Each outcome has a section that shows how it is scored.

Note: The intent is to include holistic tests in a later draft.

Overall Scoring

Note: The guidelines can be used for good-practice without using scoring or conformance.

WCAG 3.0 Conformance


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