WoT Use Cases

12 Nov 2020



Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_Lagally, Vlad_Baluta, Christof_Kuestner, Cristiano_Aguzzi, Jack_Dickinson, Tomoaki_Mizuhsima


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<scribe> scribenick: kaz



no problems and approved


Lagally: guests from Schaeffler

Kaz: everybody is already aware of the W3C patent policy

Lagally: (makes sure)

Kaz: note that McCool initiated discussion on how to handle contributions from non-Members yesterday during the WoT main call, because we got input from non-Members for the wot marketing resources and possibly for use cases as well

Lagally: fair enough

New call times

Lagally: I'm OK with shifting the time of the Use Cases call to get more participation
... would like to try a doodle poll for that purpose

WoT call timetable

Lagally: (shows the timetable above)
... for example, Tuesday might be better
... any comments?


Lagally: can you generate a doodle, Kaz?

Kaz: ok, will do

<scribe> ACTION: kaz to generate a doodle for the possible new slot for the WoT Use Cases call


Lagally: Koster is not available today
... it's too early/late for him

Collaboration with the other W3C groups

Kaz: we had good discussions with MEIG, PBG, etc.
... should continue the discussion for Use Cases
... will work with them

Use Case template

Use Case template

Lagally: we use the above MD template to describe use cases
... (shows an example of VR/AR use case)

PR 62 = Update vr-ar-imaging.md

Use Cases draft

WoT Use Cases draft

Lagally: (shows the draft)
... not ready for publication yet
... some of the sections are firm enough, though
... we need to resolve the "Eidtor's Notes"

Liaison with ITU-T

Lagally: there was a meeting of ITU-T SG20 held the other day
... we sent a liaison statement for further collaboration
... to update this use case document
... would be better if they could review this
... Jeff Jaffe is helping us with the liaison



Lagally: fixing links
... will go ahead and merge this
... tx, Cristiano!

Cristiano: np

PR 61/62 on AR/VR

PR 61

Lagally: about AR/VR interface

Kaz: PR 61 by me focus on the advanced UI capability of the AR/VR technology
... while Rob's PR 62 focus on actual services

Lagally: (goes through PR 61)
... would suggest we merge this to get the initial draft
... and merged

PR 62

Lagally: ah, Rob's PR is for Kaz's branch...
... will change it for the master branch given PR 61 is already merged
... and changes the target branch
... (go through the description)
... virtual guide for some certain location
... would merge this as well

(no objections)

Lagally: (merges it)

resulted VR/AR use case description

Lagally: wondering about Rob's participation in W3C

Kaz: Spatial Data IG, WICG, etc.

Lagally: should think about measurement/unit for the data here, e.g., location, diction, movement, acceleration
... we've been holding discussion on how to handle geolocation information already
... also time synchronization
... and we should think about the gaps between this use case proposal and existing technologies

Kaz: right
... how to handle geolocation information and time synchronization, etc.
... maybe using some eventing mechanism or might be some metadata format

Lagally: what about the expected devices here
... e.g., 3D camera, motion sensor, etc.
... possible gaps with how to handle data stream

Kaz: yeah, with various codecs and protocols
... maybe the Web Transport proposal might be a possible technology

Lagally: how to proceed?

Kaz: will get back to Rob and ask him as well for opinion
... will ask Chris Needham from BBC and Endo-san from NHK as well

Lagally: good

PR 25


Lagally: agricultural us case from CoSWoT projet
... (goes through the description)

Cristiano: how to handle the use case?
... can merge with my use case on agriculture?

Kaz: for the use case discussion, we can/should keep individual proposals separately
... for requirements/gaps, we can think about common part later

Cristiano: ok

Lagally: would merge this then


Mizu: how to generate the HTML draft from these MD drafts?

Lagally: would include agriculture proposal under the Agriculture
... for AR/VR, we can add a new category

Mizu: can generate the HTML based on the MD

Lagally: tx


Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: kaz to generate a doodle for the possible new slot for the WoT Use Cases call

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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